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Let me just say something. I know this may be controversial, and you may disagree with me. You may think I'm naive because politics is everything, but here's the thing: politics and winning an election is not everything.

If after 49 years of Roe v. Wade, with the millions of babies that have been killed in the United States of America because of that horrific decision coming from the Supreme Court, if we get rid of Roe v. Wade finally after all of the work, effort, door-knocking, marching, protesting, fundraising, voting, if after all that time and after all those years, prayers, and Rosaries, if we finally get rid of Roe v. Wade and that means Mitch McConnell doesn't get to be majority leader in the Senate for a couple of more years, I'll take that trade. If finally eliminating Roe v. Wade from the United States of America's jurisprudence means we lose an election, okay. So what? 

Seriously. So what?

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