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AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

The folks in the DeSantis shop down in Florida are knocking it out of the park. Team DeSantis has done it again. It's not just their policies. It's not just their deference to freedom, liberty, and individual rights instead of the government jumping in at every turn to tell you to wear a mask, get vaccinated, shut schools down, or all the other things we saw over the last two years. One of my favorite things Team DeSantis does is how they work with the media, how they work against the media, how they attack the media, and how they show the media to be who exactly they are. 

And what did they do recently? Well, it all began with a tweet from Deputy Press Secretary Bryan Griffin stating that ABC's "The View" asked about arranging an appearance from Governor DeSantis on the show. Griffin's response? It was so satisfying.

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