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Virginia Parents Sue School Board Groomers

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If an adult pulled up to a public playground in a white van and started engaging random children in conversations about sexual behaviors or asking them about their gender identity, it would be a matter for law enforcement, right? 


Imagine if that same creepy adult assured the children that their secrets about their inner, nascent sexual feelings would be kept secret "just between them," and he assured the children that their parents would never know about their special conversations. This would escalate the already troubling situation, wouldn't it? 

What if this adult also encouraged the children to use the potty together? Boys and girls, all going at the same time in the same room. Even if some of the children were uncomfortable with this arrangement or if their parents told them never to do this sort of thing, the creepy, strange person told the children that it was the rule and they had no choice... they had to go to the potty together in the same room, even if it made them uncomfortable to be in this private place with someone of the opposite sex. In fact, the adult tells these children they'll be in trouble if they complain about the new potty arrangements. 

OK... one more hypothetical. What if this same, undeniably disturbing adult reached into their bag and whipped out a picture book for these children at the playground? Not just any picture book, though. A picture book with sexually explicit drawings of teenage kids engaged in implicit sexual conduct? 

How many years in jail are we talking about at this point? 


Our society has taken great pains over the years to protect our children from this kind of predatory behavior. But now, these objectionable practices are basically sanctioned policies for government school systems in many districts across our country. 

Parents feel powerless against them. If they dare to show up at a school board meeting to voice their objections, they are ignored, shouted down, or ostracized. 

But, in Loudoun County, Virginia, the parents aren't sitting back and taking it. They're fighting back in the courts. 

Ian Prior of America First Legal announced the lawsuit Thursday. The complaints in the suit read like a to-do list for your typical neighborhood groomer: 

  • Knowingly, systematically, and willfully violating the Plaintiffs' fundamental constitutional rights to care for, nurture, and direct the education, moral instruction, and upbringing of their children;
  • Knowingly, systematically, and willfully taking advantage of the schools' coercive power over children to impose a woke social, political, and psychological ideology and agenda, and thereby to shape and control student attitudes, beliefs, and behavior relating to, inter alia, human sexuality, equal rights, and the relationship between a parent and his or her child;
  • Requiring schools and teachers as a matter of policy to deceive parents and secretly promote and facilitate a child's "gender transition";
  • Requiring schools as a matter of policy to provide children with psychological or psychiatric counseling and treatment without parental knowledge or consent;
  • Soliciting and obtaining information about student attitudes, habits, traits, opinions, beliefs or feelings regarding sensitive regulated topics such as sex, religion, race, and familial relationships without either express prior parental consent or a direct relationship to academic instruction;
  • Knowingly, systematically, and willfully using "social and emotional learning" and other similar methods and techniques for the purpose of affecting childrens' behavioral, emotional, or attitudinal characteristics related, inter alia, to race and sexuality, without prior parental consent or any direct relationship to academic instruction;

It's about damn time. 

How often does the radical left use the court system to bully and cajole a settlement from a municipality seeking to avoid incurring legal costs for the taxpayers? These "lawfare" tactics end up compelling an elective body to adopt policy changes without having to go through the regular legislative process. 

Finally, conservative groups have figured out that we must play this insidious game too. 

The Loudoun County Public School system will now be forced, in a court of law, to explain how its groomer behavior that would be reviled in any other setting should be continued. It must explain how its insistence on pushing sexual content and encouraging trusting, intimate relationships with children exclusive of any permission, consent, or even knowledge of those children's parents is healthy and permissible. 

It's about time parents fought back against these dangerous and damaging behaviors and once and for all put an end to these creepy adults who insist on building an intimate, sexually-fueled bond with another adult's children. 

In any other context, it would be criminal... but in the disturbing world of professional education, it's currently praised as compassionate and enlightened. 

Not anymore. We've had enough. You'll hear from our attorneys. 


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