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AP Photo/Seth Wenig

Earlier this week, I spoke with Byron York of The Washington Examiner regarding the latest revelations related to Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign and its alleged infiltration of Trump Tower (and eventually presidential) servers to create the appearance of "Russian Collusion" between Alpha Bank, Trump and... Oh, for God's sake... you know by now. 

Byron, a great reporter, and a great guy, said that he sees conservatives wanting criminal arrests made over the charges detailed in special prosecutor John Durham's court filing. He asserted that at this point, it's more important to "just get the truth out" as he reflected on the reality that the likes of Hillary and Hunter and Comey and Brennan and Strzok and McCabe never see any actual justice for their crimes. 

Here's the full interview: 

I love Byron. And he is absolutely right. 


Can we please just LOCK HER UP? 

If the charges in Durham's court filing are true (and it would be a violation of federal law for the former US Attorney to file a false allegation in court... oh, wait, Comey and McCabe did that with their FISA warrant on Carter Page and they got off scot-free... never mind this lengthy parenthetical aside), Hillary Clinton is guilty of serious crimes. 

I'll let you read the excellent analysis from the indispensable Margot Cleveland of The Federalist, who soberly and without hyperbole breaks down the latest allegations all pointing to cyber-surveillance tactics instituted during the 2016 campaign, gathered and reported to the CIA by Michael Sussman (who was working for Clinton) and the insane shell game used to make it appear as though Donald Trump had stolen the election and had nefarious ties to the Putin government. 

But, can we get past all the apologetics and obfuscations from Joe Scarborough and The New York Times and drill down on the facts that are as plain as day and without dispute? 

Clinton's campaign paid for the creation of a debunked and fictitious document known as the "Steele Dossier." That happened. It is undeniable. The money was funneled through the DNC and through law firm Perkins Coie and then through the consultant Fusion GPS. But, after that long journey, the money ended up in the hands of Christopher Steele, who used it to gather "dirt" on Trump. It was a lie. 

The dossier was then peddled to media outlets and desperate anti-trump activists posing as journalists like David Corn at Mother Jones and Bill Kristol at the defunct Weekly Standard

More disconcerting, the dossier was peddled to the FBI and the CIA. Team Hillary thought it could get a friendly person at the agencies to take the load of crap and initiate an investigation. The investigation would then leak to the media, and it would lend false credence to the fake allegation that Trump was bought and paid for by Putin. 

Of course, it worked because it seems everybody from John Brennan to James Comey to James Clapper and on and on was more than willing to help Hillary. Even if it meant using unverified, false campaign propaganda to spy on an innocent American (Carter Page) for the sole purpose of trying to find dirt on a presidential candidate. 

The dossier-fueled investigation went well past Hillary's humiliating electoral defeat and continued through the first three years of the Trump presidency. In this way, the dossier mirrors the cyber-surveillance Durham revealed this week. It began as an oppo-research operation by the Clinton campaign and continued as an attack on the president and executive office. 

It's despicable. It's dirty. And it's downright unlawful. 

In short: It has Hillary Clinton written all over it. 

We are tired of the smart little party game in Washington, DC, where slime bags like the Clintons slither out of any repercussions because they're just so good at protecting themselves in the deepest crevices of scandal while the rest of us sweat bullets when we get a friendly letter from the IRS. 


This is not about Trump, and it's not about Republicans, and it isn't even about the Clintons or the Democrats. 

It's about justice. 

It's about right and wrong. 

It's about the law and the very foundations our Western civilization was built on. 

Now... for all of us... for America... for the rule of law. 

Lock. Her. Up. 



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