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The Never Trumper Russian Collusion Betrayal

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You were betrayed by Never Trump journalists and pundits over the Russian Collusion hoax. And they still haven't admitted how wrong they were... let alone apologized to you for their betrayal. 

Frankly, this is the best reason of all for you to join our Townhall Community as a VIP member

But first, to the betrayal... 

In light of last week's arrest of Igor Danchenko for lying to the FBI in connection with the infamous Steele Dossier, it's appropriate to reflect not just on the corruption and/or incompetence of James Comey, Andrew McCabe and the hierarchy of the FBI and Justice Department during the entire "Russian Collusion" hoax investigation, but also of the major media organizations who willfully reported the mythology of the Clinton Campaigns conspiracy theory without any level of curiosity or even basic journalistic standards.

Jake Tapper and CNN rationalized their award-winning coverage of the bogus dossier by claiming that the mere fact that Comey had briefed then-President-elect Donald Trump on the dossier made the wall-to-wall coverage of the tawdry pack of lies contained in Hillary's little creative writing project as "newsworthy." 

But, make no mistake. The "Trump was briefed on the pee tape, so it's clearly newsworthy" justification is the tiniest of figleaves to cover their even tinier nether-regions of journalistic integrity. 

Think it through for a moment. 

The dossier was fabricated opposition research commissioned by the Clinton campaign to be planted in the media to help sway votes away from Trump during the campaign. Much of the money appears to have gone to Russian nationals connected to Vladimir Putin and the propaganda arm of the government in Moscow. In other words, Clinton LITERALLY colluded with Russians to influence the 2016 presidential campaign. LITERALLY. It is EXACTLY – not just kind of – EXACTLY what they falsely accused Trump of doing. And yet, Tapper and his award-winning team of journalists at CNN have still failed to run that story.

But the story doesn't stop there. Despite Hillary's Russian Collusion, Trump won the election, and in the 72 hours after Clinton reluctantly conceded, the narrative of Russian Collusion was hatched and was implemented to undermine the Trump transition and presidency. 

That's where Tapper and his laughable "it was newsworthy" fraud falls apart. 

Comey briefed Trump on the so-called pee tape just days before his inauguration at the direction of outgoing President Obama. Then, miraculously, a private, one-on-one counterintelligence briefing by the director of the FBI to the incoming president of the United States somehow leaks to Jake because he's just that good. 

Now, I doubt Trump leaked it to Tapper, so it had to be either Comey or someone at the highest levels of the Obama Administration's Intelligence apparatus that leaked it because nobody else really knew. This means either lying, corrupt James Clapper, or lying corrupt John Brennan (if it wasn't lying, corrupt Comey himself) leaked the information to Tapper. 

Tapper and his team of integrity-infused colleagues get the leak and determine that the mere fact that the briefing took place validates the blaring headlines that Putin has "kompromat" on the incoming president that includes an alleged video of prostitutes urinating on a bed in Moscow to the delight of Mr. Trump. 

And, nowhere in Tapper's journalistic process does questioning the validity of the information that was briefed or the intentions and agenda of the person leaking the volatile information to him ever factor into his story. 

And for this, he and his colleagues won an award. 

This is just one of the multiple examples of how journalists over the past five years wasted tens of millions of dollars broadcasting and publishing a fraudulent story without ever spending time ACTUALLY INVESTIGATING the story itself. And here's the best part: The reporters who merely repeated the gossip and rumors fed to them by shady political operatives with clear agendas to damage Trump and destroy his presidency actually call themselves INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISTS, even though the one thing that should have been investigated, the validity of the dossier, never made it to their to-do list.

Quick question: What do you call an investigative journalist who doesn't care to investigate the bare essentials of the story they claim to be obsessed with? You call them a hack. 

But, let's face it, after decades of knowing exactly how the Democrat-Media Complex (thank you, Andrew Breitbart) operates, did any of us expect anything more from CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and the rest of them? Of course not.  

Now, here's where this entire, tawdry tale of journalistic malpractice gets very personal for you and all of us here at Townhall. 

You see, many of the journalists who peddled in the dossier on their websites, magazines or on cable news refer to themselves as conservative journalists. They spent the past ten or 20 years raking in your subscription fees, donations, cruise fares, and, most importantly, your trust and goodwill by telling you they're conservatives and they're fighting the good fight against the liberals in the mainstream media.

How could these conservative journalists regularly appear on CNN, MSNBC and the broadcast news channels and nod along with their liberal "adversaries" when the Russian Collusion garbage was peddled as if it was biblical truth? 

You know the answer: They hated Donald Trump. 

Maybe he said mean things about them at some point. Maybe he said mean things about the candidate they were actively working with or rooting for during the primary. Maybe he vociferously criticized the war they cheered for and encouraged over the past 20 years. Maybe his language, hairstyle, and skin tone embarrassed them when they took their wives or husbands to only the best cocktail parties in DC or Manhattan. 

The "why" doesn't matter, to be honest. They hated Trump, and THAT became their ideology. It dominated everything they said, wrote or thought. Trump had to be destroyed, and if it meant supporting Adam Schiff over Devin Nunes, so be it. 

Trump was their enemy, so the enemy of their enemy was their friend. Even if that meant their friend was Hillary Clinton and her team of slime merchants. 

Now, here's where you come in. You see, these conservative journalists, columnists and pundits are still out there. They've started new publications, and they've found new ways to try to convince you to give them money to keep their vital work and "calling balls and strikes" journalism going. Pretty ballsy, right?

Before you click on an article and certainly before you send a subscription fee or a donation to any of these establishments, ask one question and one question only: Can you please send me your articles debunking the Russian Collusion hoax? Even better, ask them to send the article that says: WE WERE WRONG about the Russian Collusion story all along, and here's who we've let go because they blew it."

They won't send you those articles because they don't exist. 

They want to pretend that nothing ever happened, and they get a mulligan on the whole Steele Dossier story because it was the fog of war, leaks were coming from all over the place, and after all, The New York Times and Washington Post verified the story. So what were they supposed to do?

Here at Townhall, we never fell for it. We investigated the story with the skepticism and curiosity you would expect from a conservative website. That's why we continue to grow and expand our team, and we continue to deliver an ever-expanding array of articles, columns, videos, cartoons, podcasts and live-streaming events. 

And, there's more to come. 

So, please, take advantage of our current VIP subscription offer and make sure you don't miss out on any of the vital work we are doing. 

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Even better, it will send a message to everyone who got that story wrong. 

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