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Due Process for Cuomo But Not Your Son at College

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This column will explore the latest allegations of sexual harassment and bullying from Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York and before we get started, let's be sure to remember two things that most reports in the left-wing, propaganda media overlook.


First and foremost, as we delve into Gov. Cuomo's sexual misconduct, let's not lose sight of the fact that he ordered nursing homes in his state to take in COVID-positive individuals in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic. The virus spread in these facilities like wildfire infecting the people most vulnerable to succumbing to this disease. And succumb, they did.

It's now projected that more than 15,000 Americans died as a result of Cuomo's deadly nursing home policy, and the governor's office knew it. It appears his administration covered up the full extent of the deaths and even altered records to hide the true death toll.

Although the allegations of sexual harassment are politically damaging and harrowing for the women involved, they still don't rise to the level of importance of Cuomo's deadly nursing home scandal and the ensuing cover-up.

Second, as stated above, Cuomo is a Democrat. That's the same party as Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Kamala Harris. The Democratic Party is Andrew Cuomo's political party, not the Republican Party.

Apparently, Cuomo's party affiliation seems irrelevant in so many newsrooms covering the governor's political travails. Just look at the write-up of this latest sexual impropriety over at Politico, the website dedicated to politics which, last time I checked, usually had something to do with the two major political parties. But, in this Politico piece, the only mention of the Democratic Party is in reference to other lawmakers in New York who are contemplating what to do about the mounting allegations against Cuomo, who is, by the way, A DEMOCRAT.


Now that we have that bit of business out of the way let's get to the sixth woman who has accused Cuomo of inappropriate behavior in office.

Fox News breaks down the details.

Andrew Cuomo faces sexual harassment allegations from yet another woman, an Albany newspaper reported Tuesday.

She accused Cuomo of inappropriately touching her at the governor’s mansion last year – after she’d been called there for work, the Albany Times Union reported.

When asked about the new report during his daily news briefing Tuesday, about an hour after the report was published, Cuomo said he was not yet aware of it.

"As I said last week, this is very simple, I never touched anyone inappropriately," he said. "As I said last week, I never made any inappropriate advances."

Cuomo also urged the press and the people of New York to await the results of a state attorney general's office investigation into the allegations before rendering judgment. Facing calls from the majority leader of New York's state Senate, Andrea Stewart-Cousins, to quit, Cuomo continued to stall. He said he has no plans to resign and vowed to continue as governor until the conclusion of the ongoing investigation into the allegations.

In other words, Andrew Cuomo believes he should be afforded some fair and equitable level of due process with regard to these allegations. He believes our country should rely on the principles of "innocent until proven guilty" and not convict and condemn a person merely because someone has stepped forward and made an allegation.


Quaint notion that.

On the very same day that Andrew Cuomo, an apparent serial abuser with six women all bringing eerily similar, credible charges against him in just over a week, demanded due process, the Biden Administration (also a bunch of Democrats) signaled they would deny those very same due process rights to your son facing the same type of allegations on a college campus.

Here's how The New York Times' Twitter account described the Biden Administration's plans:

Wow. "(B)olstered the due process rights of students accused of sexual assault." Yeah, we wouldn't want that. How dare Trump "bolster" the rights of the accused.

The article itself is even more explicit about the Salem Witch Trials Biden's Education Department is planning for your son at college.

The New York Times states that "The Obama administration issued guidance to schools, colleges, and universities that critics in and out of academia said leaned too heavily toward accusers and offered scant protections or due process for students and faculty accused of sexual harassment, assault or other misconduct."

The Trump Administration, The Times alleges, "swept" Obama's regulations aside and implemented policies which "many saw as swinging too far the other way, offering the accused too much power through guaranteed courtlike tribunals and cross-examination of accusers."


You read that right. The New York Times is very concerned that the accused might have the right to question their accuser. And they describe basic, fundamental "innocent until proven guilty" rights as "power" and as a "tribunal" rather than a legal process.

You may think that the basic right of facing your accuser and challenging their allegations in a fair and discreet setting is a basic right not only enshrined in our constitution but standard practice in all English-speaking nations since the Magna Carta, but, apparently, you'd be wrong.

That's what makes Cuomo's demand for due process so rich.

The party that would institute kangaroo courts on campuses across our country when it comes to your son facing sexual misconduct allegations from an accuser they may never have the opportunity to directly confront is now affording Andrew Cuomo every possible benefit of the doubt as victim after victim bravely step forward and tell stories that would make Bill Clinton blush.

The double standard would be amusing if it weren't so dangerous.

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