Biden Tramples Women's Rights with Transgender Proclamation

Posted: Feb 10, 2021 12:01 AM
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Biden Tramples Women's Rights with Transgender Proclamation

Source: AP Photo/Pat Eaton-Robb, File

At Tuesday's White House briefing, Spokesperson Jen Psaki was asked for clarification on the Biden Administration's recent executive order compelling schools to allow transgender athletes to compete in the gender category of their choosing/identification against cisgender individuals.

Psaki's response (after pretending to not understand the essence of the question presented to her) should send a cold chill to women (and men) who have championed the rights of our daughters, mothers and wives over the past several decades.

"The president's belief is that trans rights are human rights." There it is. In one fell swoop, the Biden Administration negated (or at the very least watered-down) the famous proclamation that "women's rights are human rights" declared by none other than then-First Lady Hillary Clinton.

She made the declaration at the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing. It was an important moment in the international women's rights movement that had already achieved so much here in the United States. Here was America's First Lady confronting China's communist regime over their one-child policy that compelled forced abortions and infanticide because their male-dominated culture put little to no value on women.

Women's rights are human rights was the reasonable and compelling argument that championed women's access to athletics and gave young girls across America the opportunity to compete for scholarships and other benefits awarded to those who focus on the challenges and all of the great benefits that come with competing in high school sports.

The character-building, the teamwork, the discipline, and the physical and mental fortitude that comes with competing in organized sports is incalculable and is self-evident for any parent who has watched with pride as their daughter developed into a determined and strong young woman right before their eyes as a result of the access past generations of women won for them in scholastic sports.

And now, one must struggle to answer the obvious question a daughter may pose to their parents when observing the Biden Administration's redefinition of their rights when faced with the debacle that will logically follow.

As our daughters watch this video...

Can anyone blame them for asking "why bother" when we try to inspire them to keep working and practicing and lifting and conditioning and sacrificing for their sport?

Seriously, why bother?

And that was what Ms. Psaki was asked yesterday at the White House. What is the message to young girls who are now faced with competing against biological males thanks to the arbitrary, non-transparent, un-scientific, knee-jerk action of President Biden's executive order? 

The "trans rights are human rights" co-opting of a women's rights battle-cry sends the clear message of the intersectionality dogma that permeates this administration and the Democratic Party.

When trans rights conflict with women's rights, we'll tip the scale for trans rights. Deal with it, ladies.

Do biological young women not have the right to compete on a level playing field for highly valued college scholarships? How hard did women of the past decades fight for those scholarships? How hard did they argue for Title IX protections that granted them equal access to the competitive world of scholastic sports for future generations of women?

Go Ahead and Gloat
Kurt Schlichter

Did their victories mean anything if a biological male with obvious superior athletic abilities can now wrestle that scholarship from the hands of a 17-year-old woman who has worked her entire life for the opportunity to earn a ticket to higher education through the sacrifices demanded by her sport?

Sadly, the answer is no. Women's rights are important right up until the point they get in the way of the shiny, new rights that command the Left's attention. In this case, trans rights.

And young girls, young women, mothers, and certainly fathers should see this as the cultural earthquake that it is. As long as we have a dominant political party in this country (the Democrats) that refuses to acknowledge any actual, scientific difference between biological men and biological women, a critical distinction between that party and the Republicans will exist and should motivate American voters to punish the former as they punish our daughters.