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Is This An Election Or A Hostage Situation?

Posted: Sep 03, 2020 12:01 AM
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This week, Joe Biden emerged from his basement in Delaware to speak to an empty warehouse in Pittsburgh. He did so because his polls showed that the American people were sick and tired of the violence, arson and looting in America's Democrat-run cities. And, more importantly for Biden, it showed President Trump was benefitting from his party's silence on the matter.

Make no mistake, until the Democrats' new-found abhorrence of violent protests against law enforcement (cue Claud Raines and how shocked he is that gambling is taking place at Rick's), they were oddly silent on the matter. For their entire four-day convention, just two weeks ago, they couldn't muster one moment of empathy for the American lives lost, businesses burned, and neighborhoods upended due to the violence consuming once-great cities like Portland, Seattle, and New York.

What was most shocking was that in his 12-minute, teleprompter oration to an empty, cavernous room, Biden delivered a message that sounded less like a campaign position and more like a threat.

"Does anyone believe there will be less violence in America if Donald Trump is re-elected?" Biden mumbled.

He liked the violent threat disguised as a rhetorical question so much that a junior staffer who runs his social media put it out under his name on his Twitter account.

I'm sure at some point someone will show Joe his Twitter account so he can see what it does.

The not-so-subtle message from the Biden camp is clear: If you want the violence to end, vote for us.

Democrats across the board have picked up the message and run with it. They recognize the political significance of the riots and the lawless mayhem, yet they can't bring themselves to articulate the obvious, moral message that Americans need to hear. They can't address the riots by taking a firm stand against the criminals in the streets and in favor of law and order. Instead, they must obliquely suggest that the rioting is happening because Trump is in the White House, and electing Biden will make it all go away.

"Vote for us, or more cities will burn."

Is this an election or a hostage situation?

Clearly, it's the latter. And the mainstream media is providing the ransom note.

Take this latest "election analysis" from The Washington Post:

"Perspective: The election will likely spark violence — and a constitutional crisis. In every scenario except a Biden landslide, our simulation ended catastrophically."

Subtle, isn't it?

The literal work of fiction disguised as a thoughtful exercise in "what if" analysis about the upcoming election paints a dystopic view of violence, chaos, and a constitutional crisis. Unless, of course, Biden wins in a landslide. Then, everything will be fine.

This expert insight is provided by something called the "Transition Integrity Project," which is supposedly bipartisan and has been "war gaming" potential outcomes of this November's election. By the way, where the hell was the "Transition Integrity Project" when President Obama was spying on the Trump campaign, spying on the transition team, and setting up a phony investigation of the new president while withholding information from the incoming administration?

It all amounts to the same underlying message that is meant to scare you and your neighbors in the suburbs. If you want peace in our day, you have to vote for Biden. Otherwise, our cities will continue to burn, and no one will be safe.

They are beyond shameless; they are dangerous. And they can't be rewarded.

The violence will stop only when a leader steps forward and demands that laws are obeyed and that those who break the law are arrested and prosecuted. Democrats have proven that they are incapable of performing this basic responsibility for a functioning society in the Western world. They have to be defeated.