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After four nights of their virtual convention that deceptively used the state of Wisconsin in their logo even though candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris didn't deign to set one foot in the Badger State, it's clear that Democratic strategists decided that "Empathy" was to be the word of the day, every day, every hour and every minute of every cliched bromide uttered by every speaker presented to the American people.



They all talked about it.

"Empathy" must have been market-tested, polled, and sampled to undecided voters to determine what message would hit hardest against Trump and in favor of the Dems.

We are to believe that Donald Trump lacks empathy for the American people. We are to believe that Republicans and their mean-spirited, free market, capitalist policies leave the American people feeling that the party of Lincoln doesn't care about them or their needs or their feelings.

It's like the inverse of Ben Shapiro's catchphrase embodied in the entire raison d'etre of Biden's candidacy. 

If you're to believe the Democrats overwhelming "Empathy" messaging this week, caring about your feelings is really the only value that is paramount for presidential leadership, and neither facts nor policies really matter.

"We care about you. Joe cares about you. Vote for us."


It's a compelling argument if it's left unchallenged. And, sadly, Republicans in elected office probably have no idea how to respond to it other than some lame attempt like, "Oh, we care about you too! Here, let me show you how much money we want to spend on a big government program to prove it to you!!!" 

That's not how you do it, pals. Please don't go there.

No, how about we reject the premise of their entire argument.


Joe Biden has empathy?

Joe Biden?

Ask the family of Robert Bork how much empathy he has.

As I wrote here at Townhall earlier this year:

Joe Biden was the leader of the Bork inquisition. He is responsible for it and every other atrocious display of character assassination disguised as "advice and consent" ever since.

Before Bork, nominees for the Supreme Court, or any job on the federal bench, or for any cabinet position for that matter, were valued and respected if they had a long paper trail of decisions and experience and a documented track record of achievement. Because of Biden's behavior as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee overseeing the Bork confirmation, experience, track record and achievement is no longer valued, it is avoided.

Biden and his inquisitors ruthlessly combed through every line of Bork's writings and twisted his words to distort his views and his life's work. They bullied him at the hearings and treated him with contempt. Biden led the way.

Do you want to know who invented the modern age of "the politics of personal destruction"? Just look at Joe Biden, my friend.

He also ran the three-ring circus that attempted to destroy the character of Clarence Thomas. Biden stopped at nothing and stooped to the lowest of the low to slime this fine man in a desperate effort to keep him off the Supreme Court so Joe Biden's big-money donors could continue to legally kill babies before they are born.


Empathy? From Joe Biden? How empathetic was he to Clarence Thomas and his family?

Even more outrageous, for four nights, Democrat after Democrat intruded into our living rooms, telling us how they corner the market on empathy and they all neglected to mention one major tragedy inflicting innocent Americans on a daily basis as we speak.

They let their hearts bleed with tender compassion for every possible protected class in this country in every market-tested speech, but they completely ignored a group of Americans who have been unjustly harmed, impoverished, persecuted, injured, and even killed.

It could have been so easy for them. Just one mention. One statement. But none of them could do it.

You want to show us how much empathy you have, Joe Biden? Kamala Harris? Barack Obama? Michelle Obama?

Want to prove how much empathy you have Democrats? How about one speech. One phrase... one lousy mention on behalf of the innocent Americans who have been victimized by the riots, arson, looting, and violent mayhem on a nightly basis in American cities for the past several months?

They had plenty to say about the protesters who are creating the welcome environment for this mayhem, but not one word on behalf of the innocent Americans (many of them minorities and immigrants) who are now suffering at the hands of those very protesters.



They don't even know what it means. They don't care about you. They care about the people they expect to vote for them and keep them in power. And they don't even really care about them; they just pretend to care about them every four years.

The rest of us. They have no empathy for the rest of us. None at all.

For us, they have nothing but contempt. They think we're deplorable. They always have and they still do. It's just that sometimes, on rare occasions, they let it slip and say it out loud.

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