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Every time the calendar flips, there’s no shortage of reflection. Throughout 2022 we witnessed failure after failure from President Joe Biden and his administration. By no means should anyone assume that by focusing on only three of Biden’s failures that it’s a comprehensive list. In fact, trying to narrow down the three worst is akin to finding kale in a broccoli salad: you simply must accept that the whole thing is awful.


First, we start with the Biden Administration’s all-out war on American energy production. Last September, one analysis found Biden leased the fewest acres of any president in their first 19 months since Harry Truman and the World War Two era. For all the spin out of the White House about oil companies and the number of permits, this number proves Biden wants to cripple American energy production. Keep in mind, while he was shutting us down, he was begging Saudi Arabia for more oil and making a dirty deal with the Venezuelan dictator. Joe Biden is fine with more oil, just not America producing it.

Second, the price at the pump. Even as prices start to recede, Biden is now the new record holder for the most expensive gas…ever. The fact that families were shelling out over $5 a gallon was worse than both the Jimmy Carter years and the Great Recession. The pain to fill up our own cars was bad enough, but Biden’s bumbling also made the cost of diesel skyrocket. You may not own a diesel-powered vehicle, but nearly everything in your home relies on diesel for processing and delivery which means the huge diesel price tag is a huge driver for inflation. 

And now for your consideration, dear reader, the worst failure of 2022: Biden’s insistence that we accept his laundry list of disasters as normal, or even worse, success.

Not in the four decades since “The Empire Strikes Back” was in theaters has inflation been so high. The numbers are fueling the costliest holiday season in a generation. Biden’s Christmas gift to us is 7.1 percent inflation, fueled by increases in the cost of energy. Specifically, the cost of electricity is up 13.7 percent, natural gas is 15.5 percent higher and then there’s a massive spike in the cost of home heating oil of 65.7 percent, all increases since just last year. These are the result of Biden surrendering American energy independence and yet, he feels you should be proud of it.


On the same day we learned that Thanksgiving inflation was at it’s highest since voters threw Jimmy Carter out of office, Biden thought it was a great time to celebrate the fact we rejoined the Paris climate agreement. The very same Biden who blamed Russia and oil companies for high gas prices suddenly wants credit for getting the price of gas nearly 36 percent higher than the day he took office. The worst part is the absolute arrogance for President Biden to openly say his disastrous climate actions are about lowering energy costs.

In case you didn’t hear, the 2022 holiday season will also be the last for a Jeep plant in Illinois. The 1,350 employees at the plant got pink slips because their employer is struggling with the cost of adopting Biden’s electric vehicle goals. Just a few days after the announcement, the Biden Administration shouted loudly about a $2.5 billion loan to GM and others to help develop EV batteries. The juxtaposition couldn’t be clearer: the climate push destroys jobs at one factory while the guy who thought Solyndra was a good investment is doling out more cash.

Biden isn’t being oblivious, negligent, or simply engaging in spin. Instead, the President is openly lying about the state of the disaster he’s created. Instead of acknowledging the Grand Canyon-sized gap between his distortion and our reality, his chorus of sycophants in the media are demanding you accept their version of the truth.


The past 12 months offered a stark lesson in the cost of failed leadership in the White House. There is no doubt that Joe Biden will demand you accept all this failure as success as we begin 2023. The only question is: will we accept his false reality, or will we embrace the truth?

Larry Behrens is the Communications Director for Power The Future, a non-profit that advocates for America’s energy workers. You can find him on Twitter @larrybehrens or you can email him:

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