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Unions: Boss’ Constant Criticism, Silent Treatment and Lack of Credit are ‘Workplace Bullying’

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The National Staff Organization – a group comprised of teachers union organizers, negotiators and lobbyists – recently published an article in which it complains about an apparent rise in “workplace bullying.”


The WAR – or Winter Advocacy Retreat – newsletter reads:

“To get a handle on what workplace bullying looks like, unions have to consider bullying warning signs like continuous criticism, silent treatment or credit not being given to a worker. Then unions have to develop the strategies to deal with it and restore control to the situation.”

Just let it marinate for a minute that unions are complaining about bullying.

After all, consider these instances of union bullying:

-- In 2012, Fox News Contributor Stephen Crowder was punched in the face by a union activist as unionists tore down an Americans for Prosperity tent to protest Michigan’s new Right to Work law.

--In 2012, Chicago Teachers Union Vice President Jesse Sharkey said his union would “expose” the billionaires in Chicago and vowed to the Board of Education, “We’re coming after you!”

--In 2012, William McNary of USAction appeared at an Illinois union protest of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and challenged him to “knuckle up” while Rev. T. Ray McJunkins said they were going to “cut [Walker’s] head off,” comparing him to Goliath.

--In 2012, striking members of the Eagle Point Education Association heckled substitute teachers as they walked into schools when their school board voted to keep schools open during the teachers’ union strike.

--In 2011, Members of the Michigan Education Association protested outside a legislator’s business because he supported a Gov. Rick Snyder’s education reform agenda.


--In 2011, Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis gave a speech to a “social justice” teachers group in which she mocked U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s lisp.

--In 2011, Wisconsin union activists targeted a successful Milwaukee private school during an appearance by Gov. Walker and personally threatened the school’s leader.

--In 2011, Michigan union activists threatened to “weaponize” government employees if Gov. Snyder followed through with his education reform agenda.

--At the same event, a representative of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition prayed that God would “wither” the left’s political foes.

--In 2011, a 1st grade California teacher said the home addresses of billionaires should be made public, but likely not to add them to her Christmas card list.

The list could go on and on. We didn’t even include SEIU, the Teamsters or the Longshoremen.

All of these people are tied directly to unions or their activities. And union employees have the gall to complain about “the silent treatment” from bosses?

Unionists would tell you these are just examples of them simply exercising their First Amendment rights. And it’s everyone else who’s the bully.

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