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Radical Teachers Push Children’s Books on ‘Palestine’

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The radical teachers group Rethinking Schools published an article in its Winter 2012-2013 magazine titled, “Books About Contemporary Palestine for Children,” EAGnews.org reported.


Before you go any further, here’s a hint about the nature of these recommended books: The editors of Rethinking Schools are anti-Israel and see nothing wrong with Palestinian terrorist attacks against the people of that nation.

The article’s author, San Jose State University Professor of Education Katharine Davies Samway, starts off by explaining how she volunteered to work in a booth at a recent local festival that was dedicated to drawing attention to “the impact of the Israeli occupation” of areas populated by Palestinians.

Her booth featured “a photo of an Israeli soldier pointing his gun at a Palestinian child of about five,” she wrote. She said children “9 or 10 years of age” were “riveted by the image.”

Samway’s goal is to promote children’s books that “raise important questions about the Israeli occupation.” She wants American teachers to introduce these one-sided texts into their classrooms.

“Reading books about contemporary Palestine and the Israeli occupation may raise conflicting points of view, but that is part of supporting students to become…activists in support of justice and peace,” Samway wrote.

“U.S. media coverage of the Middle East is frequently Israel-centric and does not explore the enormous financial support that the United States provides each year to Israel and its occupation of Palestine.

“When this is coupled with a sometimes virulent anti-Muslim and anti-Arab feeling in many parts of the country, it is incumbent on educators to take a role in unpeeling these biases and encourage students to think critically about human rights in Palestine/Israel.”


Samway complains about our pro-Israeli bias, yet she wants to replace it with a pro-Palestinian bias, and she wants our children to adopt her point of view.

There’s nothing wrong with teaching students about the centuries-old conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians. But how about a balanced lesson that also shows photos of Palestinians rigging themselves with bombs and detonating them in crowded areas in Israel?

The violence goes both ways, but these radical teachers don’t want kids to know that.

There is also a great deal of evidence that terrorist attacks on Israel will continue, regardless of whether Palestine is granted independence. The goal of these Hitler disciples is nothing less than the destruction of Israel and its people.

The teachers don’t want the kids to know that, either.

In any case, it might be smart for American parents to ask their children if they have been reading assigned books about the Middle East conflict in school lately. If they have, it should sound an immediate alarm.

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