Unions Pray (Literally!) for Victory on Michigan Collective Bargaining Ballot Initiative

Posted: Oct 28, 2012 12:01 AM
Unions Pray (Literally!) for Victory on Michigan Collective Bargaining Ballot Initiative

Some people believe God is above the minutia of day-to-day American political battles, especially those involving power and money.

But Michigan union members obviously think He will be on their side, if they only ask nicely enough. They are gathering a few days before Election Day to pray for assistance in their effort to enshrine collective bargaining privileges in the state constitution.

Proposal 2 is a power grab by unions. The proposed amendment would guarantee that provisions of union collective bargaining agreements would trump any existing or current state laws. Its approval would probably mean the end to many recent education reforms recently passed by the state.

This proposal is flagging in the polls, so the unions are pulling out all the stops.

Former Michigan state Rep. Mary Valentine sent a message to her followers announcing a special event – a “Candle Vigil to Show Support for Proposal #2.” What is with liberals and standing in the dark holding candles?

Her announcement continued:

“We will have a short prayer some songs and a couple key note speakers and briefly discuss GOTV for the 4 days before election and how your members and their families can make a difference on Nov. 6th. I thank each of you in advance for all your current help and work in this election but time is running short 14 days before we find out if we made that difference in the protection of our collective bargaining rights.”

So the unions are trying to call in the heavy hitters to ensure victory – and we’re not even talking about James Hoffa or Richard Trumka.

After all, they can’t hold a candle to God.

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