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As President Obama makes his way around the country to gin up support for his latest stimulus efforts, his underlings can’t seem to stay on the same page.

The two national teachers’ unions – the National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers – recently hosted a closed-media conference call with Vice President Biden to rally support for Obama’s “American Jobs Act.”

According to a recording first revealed at, Biden told the audience:

“Nobody is saying this [plan] isn’t positive for the economy. We’re ready to compromise with the Republicans. But only compromise on things if they have a better way. …”

But less than 24 hours later, Campaign Manager David Axelrod appeared on Good Morning America and told host George Stephanopolous that “the package works together.”

“So it’s all or nothing,” Stephanopolous stated, attempting to pin Axelrod down. Not answering the question (shock!), Axelrod responded, “We want them to act now on this package. We’re not in a negotiation to break up the package – it’s not an ala carte menu.”

In other words, no, they’re not willing to compromise. Take it or leave it, America.

So not only is the Obama administration bereft of any fresh ideas about how to fix the economy, it can’t even clearly state its position on compromising with Republicans and skeptical Democrats.

To paraphrase Johnny Paycheck, America should tell Axelrod to take his jobs package and shove it.

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