Michael Moore's Hunger Strike

Posted: Mar 12, 2011 12:01 AM
Michael Moore's Hunger Strike

Disingenuous filmmaker Michael Moore is using the Wisconsin public labor dispute as a tool to get his bulbous head back in front of the TV cameras.

He held up handcuffs during Rachel Maddow’s nightly left-wing rant on MSNBC. He wants to use them to arrest very wealthy people – presumably including himself. The last time we checked, he lived in a very big mansion in northern Michigan and has an estimated personal value of about $50 million. Has anybody noticed Moore redistributing his own wealth to the poor, working masses?

He’s also called for a student walk-out in Wisconsin High Schools. He’s may be on to something here. The instruction in some of these schools is so bad, students may actually experience less harm by leaving and stay away for awhile.

But I have a great idea for my fellow Michigander. Mike should go on a hunger strike. If he really believes in his liberal causes as much as he says he does, he should be willing to sacrifice something near and dear to his heart, like those midnight triple cheeseburger runs.

Setting aside the obvious personal benefits, think of the headlines! He could turn into a novelty like John Lennon and Yoko Ono in their “Bed-Ins for Peace,” or magician David Blane, who was suspended in a glass box over the River Thames for 44 days.

Moore could refuse to eat until all the “rights” are restored for government employees and they again have the power to demand free $27,000 health insurance policies from cash-strapped schools, demand full coverage for their Viagra prescriptions, and enjoy job security, regardless of performance, through union-created policies like tenure and “last in, first out.”

That’s the American Way, isn’t it?

So what do you say, Mike? Do you believe in your convictions enough to give up eating for awhile? Michael Moore turning away from a pizza would be national news, and would tell the public that he definitely means business. Or are you going to be all talk and no action?