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The Democrat cities are urine-soaked hellholes that reek of pot where criminals stalk unmolested while the full fury of what is supposed to be the law hangs over the head of any citizen who dares do something about it, and that’s good. The idiots who live there voted for turning their urban landscapes into petri dishes of social pathologies, and they should enjoy the full benefits of their decisions. We normal people should avoid these socialist wastelands and elect legislators to Congress who will starve them of the federal funds that enable their decline. In red states, our legislators should wage warfare on the blue tumors in their midst lest they metastasize outside the city limits. And we should ruthlessly point to them as the future Democrats want, which they are, a vision of a psychotic hobo taking a dump on the sidewalk out in front of your house forever.


Us normal people can’t help the cities and their moron populations because they don’t want to help themselves. We tried compassion. Now let’s try compression. Let’s squeeze them until they pop, like the pimple on America’s rear end that they are.

We used to love going to New York City. It was like Vegas for people who don’t play slots. The excitement, the food, the energy – there was no other place quite like it. And now there is no place like it at all, because the corpse of the Big Apple that we enjoyed visiting was rotting even last year when we swung through on a book tour. The people, at least the normal ones, were missing – it looked empty somehow. But what it lacked in people it made up in dank clouds of weed smoke. The whole place smelled like a dorm at Rasta U. Junkies, bums, derelicts, and other key Democrat demographics loitered on the streets; the cops seemed to have simply checked out. But who can blame them? The Soros DAs, the slack-jawed electorate elected won’t charge anyone anyway unless he’s a political enemy or a normal person trying to protect New Yorkers from one of the myriad freaks the city fetishizes and indulges. 

As in California, all the good ones are leaving. There are a lot of complaints about blue state denizens shifting to red places and bringing their clown show politics with them, but in my experience it’s the red people who are saying “The hell with this” and checking out. The poor libs can’t move and the rich ones don’t need to – their little enclaves are relatively safe. The subways may be a concrete jungle where freaks with meat cleavers wander and you might get pushed into an oncoming train by some schizo with 100 arrests and no real jail time on his rap sheet, but the cops are still empowered to act in the well-heeled precincts. People ask how I can stay in LA, but I’m not actually in LA – I’m in a city by the beach where the cops actually cop. The chaos is for the poors on the uncool side of the 405; my neighbors vote for Ted Lieu and let the consequences of their moral preening fall on the people who don’t work via Zoom.


Our job as conservatives is not to fix the blue cities for the sake of their inhabitants. Those dummies should suffer the consequences of their actions. Let them dodge bum spoor on the sidewalks, let them walk in fear of the unhoused who would be housed in asylums or dungeons in a civilized metropolis. Our job is to contain the infected blue cities, to keep their poison from spreading to the rest of the country. And one way to do that is to mercilessly use them as an example of what all of America would be like if the Lori Lightfoots of the Democrat Party got their way. Make no mistake – they want to impose the same foul chaos on the rest of us, but the good news is that normal people are still disgusted and repelled by the dystopian dysfunction. The dogma that created failed cities should be the cautionary example we cite endlessly and tirelessly as the alternative to our Republican freedom, security, and prosperity agenda.

Of course, the regime media will slobber all over their Democrat masters trying to cover up the truth – look at all of them earnestly explaining that the subway system is actually very safe and the real problem is that you people just hate the differently mentally because you are racist and you should ignore the guy threatening to stab you because of equity and shut up, white privilege wielders of all colors. But we all know the truth. We’ve all passed the encampments of needle-jockeys and lunatics that blight the urban landscape. We’ve all seen the filth. We have all inhaled the rancid odor of civilizational collapse. Hell, even the Republicans could sell the alternative. What the Democrats offer is just that bad.


Let’s get the idea of helping the blue cities out of our heads, though. There is no helping those who will not help themselves. They vote for these people. They choose this. Let them backstroke through the cesspool of their own creation. Our first job is containment. We need to keep the cancer from spreading. We do that by holding the blue cities up as the alternative to us in all their stinking glory. Then, wherever we have sufficient political power, we must strangle the cities. Money funds this all, our money. We must cut off their money, employing the same tough love strategy used by the mom of an indolent 25-year old who sits down in the basement playing Legend of Zelda and taking bong hits all day instead of getting a job. The cities live on our subsidies – much of the business they had has left for less scummy climes, and they survive on our collective largesse to fuel their addiction to socialism. Make them further cannibalize the last remaining muscle to feed the socialist fat, and thereby drive the remaining productive out. 

Heighten the contradictions. Make it all worse. That’s the only way of ever making it better. The pain must be so great that the denizens fire the Democrats – remember how the New Yorkers finally turned to Rudy and he turned the Big Apple into a showplace? It can be done, but only agony will provoke it, so agony they must have. Let the cities die, and maybe they will live again. But even if they don’t, okay, fine. It’s not our problem. At least they won’t infect the rest of us.


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