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Everything's going to collapse somehow. The center cannot hold; this is unsustainable. Everything from the two-tiered justice system, the destruction of the economy, the gutting of our institutions, not least of which is the American military, and nonsense like a media that is simply a lapdog of one particular political view, it just can't hold. And I think we are going to see red states moving in to fill the vacuum. We've seen that happen with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. You're going to see other people under great pressure to do similar stuff, and we're starting to see it around the banning of "gender-affirming care," i.e., castration. We're going to see more and more of all this, and there's going to be pushback, and there are going to be fights. But eventually, things are just going to fall apart. Blue states are going to get worse and worse while red states fortify themselves. And what will the left try to do? Use the federal government to try to stop them, and it ain't going to work. 



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