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One of Donald Trump’s Biggest Problems

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I'm in big trouble. BIG trouble. A lot of Only Trumpers, who are Never Trumpers except Only Trump, are very, very mad at me at the moment. One of the reasons why they are mad at me is because I continually point out when Donald Trump does things that I find annoying – most recently, kissing up to California Governor Gavin Newsom. Yes, I know he also said that Newsom is terrible...and then he said he "used to get along great" with Newsom and that Newsom "was always very nice" to him. Okay...two different things! I don't understand why I'm expected to accept one and not the other. Donald Trump has problems with people – he's terrible at picking personnel, and he sucks up to his enemies. He has this belief that he can always convince everybody that they should love him. I wrote "The Case Against Donald Trump," and the president read it, signed it, and said, "Kurt, will not let you down. You will be very happy. Best wishes, Donald." Great! I love it; I post it up because I do like Donald Trump. I am not anti-Trump, but I am anti-Trump doing stupid crap that trips him up. The point is, did you see he wrote that note on something where I was impliedly criticizing him? Now, I also wrote "The Case for Donald Trump," and I thought it was interesting he didn't bother with that; he signed the one where I said here are some problems. He always thinks he can convert people. He always thinks he can win them over. And they don't want to be won over; they want to freakin' kill him.



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