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 I get a lot of grief from some quarters because of my assessment that radical transsexuals are tolerated and allow to move into women’s spaces and allowed the ability to abuse women only because women as a whole put up with this crap. Yeah, women.

Look, as a guy, I’m not worried about some chick walking into the men’s room and pretending to be a dude. It’s not a huge deal to us, because we are dudes, and we don’t really care. But the aesthetics aside, there is a practical reason that men are less worried about it. There’s zero chance she’s going to jump on me and beat me senseless and force me into sexual congress. But that’s not true of a man in a women’s restroom. In fact, rape of normal women by weirdos pretending to be women is disgustingly common. 

Let’s be clear. There are two kinds of transsexuals. There are real transsexuals, who are people suffering real gender dysmorphia and who actually believe they are women and want to be treated as women. It’s weird, but as long as they don’t impose their bizarre pathology on us, and as long as they stay out of my face, I’m not going to bother with them. But the other kind are freaking perverts. Some are just pedophiles who want to get close to kids. Those are the ones that go read at transsexual story hour. Here is an unarguable fact: No normal adult male wants to do anything even remotely sexual around a child. The only people who do want to have sex with children. And if you want to have sex with children, you should be hunted for sport. 

The other kind of bad trans people are heterosexual weirdos who want to go into the women’s spaces and watch women (or expose themselves to women) in an intimate setting. Sometimes they want to be in a position where they can use their physical strength to force women into sex. We have seen that again and again. But sometimes it merely means onanism in front of women to horrify them, which gets these freaks off. 

I’m not picky. I say hunt them for sport too.

I don’t believe we normal people have any moral imperative to tolerate any of this. We tried toleration, and now they’re trying to have sex with our kids and abuse our women. We expressed our willingness to live and let live, but that wasn’t the deal that they wanted. The deal they wanted was we have to pretend they actually are women, which they are manifestly not, and to use that lie as a license to prey on women. That’s not the deal.

Now, I contend that women are the decisive point in this conflict, and it’s important that you understand what I mean. So many people are willing to be stupid, and to willfully refuse to understand what other people are actually saying so they can impose their personal view on what other people are saying in order to assume some sort of higher moral ground. Read the comments and you will see people doing that here. Let me be clear for the dumb and obtuse people – this is not blaming women. This is recognizing the fact that women are the center of gravity of this issue. Men can’t stop this. This is a problem because women tolerate these freaks coming into their bathrooms, locker rooms, swimming competitions, weightlifting competitions, fashion runways and everywhere else. Yes, many resist, like the courageous Riley Gaines, but too many go along with it, and those tend to be lib women who wield institutional power. 

So much for feminism – all the -isms are subordinate to cultural Marxism, and transism is so hot right now. It does not matter to them that this trans offensive is an attack on women. Men pretending to be women are dominating women’s sports. Men pretending to be women are held up as more beautiful and sexy than women by the fashion world. Men pretending to be women are replacing women and some real women are applauding and abetting it. Many women, especially influential ones (like the Bud Light ad exec) enable this crap. 

Of course, it’s not all women that do. If you are reading this Townhall VIP column, chances are you don’t particularly want some dude pretending to be a chick getting on your daughter’s swim team and stealing her trophy. But the fact is that many, many other women do. Understand that these are the women who haunt the aisles of the Trader Joe’s, buying up the screw top Chardonnay and going home to watch woke shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” to fill the emptiness in their lives, an emptiness that their sexually inadequate husbands are enable unable to fill. But we can’t escape the fact that if women, as a group, formed a consensus and said “No,” then you would not have men invading taking women’s things and invading women spaces. None of this nonsense would be a thing. It would not happen. Anyone who thinks it would happen without women letting it happen is either delusional, or a liar, or both.

What needs to happen is that women need to say “Wait, stop this,” and you know what? Men will go along with it. But men can’t force women to stand up for themselves. Men can’t force women to protect each other. Men can’t force women who control women’s sports and women’s fashion, and all the other institutions that women control, to do the things that will protect other women. We men can’t do it. Only women can. And since women are suffering from this, I think it behooves them to do it. 

Look, J. K. Rowling, who’s generally a communist about everything else except intellectual property rights, is absolutely correct. Men and women are different, and they need different accommodations, spaces, and considerations. I understand that women are not a cohesive whole who all think alike. There are women of all shapes and sizes and mental disorders. But until women get together collectively and form a consensus that they deserve their own spaces and their own ability to compete and their own ability to be women without some dude pretending to be a chick horning in on the action, there’s not a damn thing any of us men can do about it. When women stop allowing it, great. We will be happy to back them up 110% when they say “No, if you’ve got a penis, you aren’t one of us.” But until they do that, until they make a collective decision to not allow this nonsense to continue, there’s not a damn thing men can do about it.

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