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The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of
Metropolitan Nashville Police Department

If you take an oath to protect and serve, and you end up outside of a schoolhouse with some gender freak psycho inside shooting kids, you face a stark choice. You can go in and kill the daughter of a bitch – there’s no gender insanity indulgence due this scumbag – or you can stay outside like a coward, a sissy, or an Uvalde cop. This week we saw, thanks to stunning body cam footage, that courage is not dead in America.


Words like “courage” today are almost a laugh line among our alleged betters, a relic of some bygone era, like “honor” and “normality.” The concept of someone sacrificing for another, of putting everything on the line just because he promised to do so and because he could not bear the thought of failing to keep his word is alien to our supposed best and brightest. What did those police officers have to gain from confronting the gunwoman? Maybe a round in the face. But you can watch the footage yourself. They did not hesitate. They did not dither. They went inside a building with a murderer intent on blowing their brains out. They had no idea where she was – she could have ambushed them. You saw them initially clearing each room systematically and moving forward as fast as they could. And then they heard the shots upstairs and they ran – not to safety, not to cover, but to the sound of the gun. 

They crossed over the body of a dead child on the way, a graphic reminder of what could happen to them, but an even more graphic reminder that if they failed it would happen to other kids. No one made them do it. No one made them press the attack. Like that pathetic neuter cop cowering outside the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas School or the band of fearful flatfoots at Uvalde, they had the option to save themselves.

They chose to save the kids.

And when they rounded that corner and the killer came into view, they acted without hesitation and shot her to pieces. 


Good riddance.

That is the fate that all such semi-human monsters deserve – to die hard and ugly in a hail of bullets. I will not mention the creature’s name – it deserves to be forgotten.

But the heroism of the cops deserves to be remembered and emulated – by you, by me, by all of us. They set the standard. And the rest of us citizens can meet it.

This murder spree has already faded from the regime media because some trans weirdo butchering little Christian kids does not help the narrative designed to disarm and disenfranchise normal citizens. Nor does the image of armed Americans confronting and killing the criminal. The regime media hates the idea of good guys with guns, because that presumes agency and courage among Americans and they want to stomp that out, so they will differentiate cops and the rest of us. Our would-be oppressors argue that we civilian citizens cannot rise to the occasion, that we are unfit to bear arms to do what those officers did. They argue that bravery is reserved for special people in uniforms. They claim you could never do that and that you should not even try. But this is a lie designed to keep you from being the hero every American can be.

Courage is not the preserve of a few select individuals but the birthright of all of us. Courage still lives in the hearts of normal Americans. We saw it on 9/11 when cops and firemen ran into the burning towers while normal citizens helped others escape, and when normal Americans took down Flight 93 rather than let the jihadi jerks run up their score. We see it in our troops – understand that in Kabul, those Marines and the soldier who died went right up to unsearched Afghan civilians because the senior civilian and military leadership had failed to build the infrastructure that could protect them. But our troops did not hesitate even though a bomber was a looming threat. Thirteen died.


And we see it when normal Americans carrying concealed drop killers and thugs. We see that more and more as more and more Americans accept the duty to carry concealed. We saw it this week in Nashville.

But our elite does not want a nation of heroes. It wants a nation of SSRI-zonked Tik Tok addicts lounging on their couches and accepting the narrative that they are worthless. The regime ensures that realistic tales of courage and victory are never told in our media or in the schools. Instead, it’s all woke crap and pedo perversions designed to turn our young people into broken, alienated, and obedient serfs. But our young people have such residual strength of character that it does not always work. Those troops in Kabul came from our broken society, yet they had courage and honor. The young officers in Nashville came from our sick society and had courage and honor. It will take more than the puny DEI/CRT indoctrination of blue-haired weirdo teachers and movies about how the USA sucks to wring the bravery from the American soul.

Most of us will never have to face the choice those Nashville police officers made. Hell, I deployed overseas and at home multiple times and my biggest challenge was particularly dirty trucks. But one thing is clear. We all have the potential for greatness, the ability to choose to rise to the occasion and to act with courage and honor when the Schiff hits the fan.


Understand that you are the heir to America’s legacy of heroes, whether your family has been here since the Mayflower or since Monday. We are the people who bashed in the Brits’ bad teeth, who took Texas and California and conquered the West, who fought at San Juan Hill, Saint-Mihiel, Normandy, Iwo Jima, the Chosin Reservoir, Khe Sanh, and 73 Easting. Americans kick ass. We take names. That is your legacy. 

Arm yourself. Become proficient with your weapons – at a minimum, you need a handgun, a long gun, and another handgun and long gun. Maybe more. Carry where and when you can. An armed population is the best deterrent of criminals and tyrants. And when deterrence fails, regulate as the law allows.

Never give up hope. The regime wants you weak and afraid, passive and broken. But you are an American. You are one of a people that hears shooting and heads that way, weapon in hand, ready to do what Americans do. Put the bastard down. Those cops in Nashville were unusual for one reason and one reason only – we saw their courage. Most of the time we do not, but we can all give thanks that it is there inside all true American’s hearts, undimmed, and undiminished, waiting for the moment that duty calls.

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