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The ruling caste is soft and weak, yet it still holds tremendous power solely because we let it do so. Somewhere along the way brute force got replaced by sissy shaming as the main mode of oppression. We need to stop allowing this – we need to give these nerds a figurative wedgie. Also, academia has fully outed itself as less concerned with education than with gatekeeping for the elite.

The Ruling Caste Seeks to Shame You Into Silence

There was a great example at CPAC during the media bashing panel. The regime media is just too juicy a target not to kick now that it is on its back spazzing out like a dying roach, so we went after it. During the panel, I told the (true) story of how a sergeant in my Gulf War platoon asked if he could shoot reporters. I told the audience that a good officer always listens to his NCOs. Lots of laughs. Then the panel, including our own Larry O’Connor, totally called it and said that I was going to get trashed by the media for wanting to kill journalists. I then laughed and denied that I was advocating hunting them for ‘sport. More laughs. You can watch it here on this commie lie site.

Well, we called it perfectly, though it was hardly a hard call. After lol, the regime media lies all the time. It’s just hilarious that this time they literally did it exactly as we predicted. I mean exactly. 

Their mediocre mendacity aside, let’s assume I was joking about shooting journalists. Why can’t one joke about shooting journalists? What’s the rule on joking about harm to people you dislike? Because I am not sure there is a rule. A caveat: There can only be one rule. Now, I’ve heard some Ashli Babbitt jokes from the scumbag communists, and I’m wondering why if that is not against the rules. Or are there special rules that apply to the privileged caste that is journalists but not to, well, the rest of us? I think that’s it. I think they think they’re special, and they think that I should have recognized that my joke was not allowed. Their jokes are fine. In fact, their cheerleading to the death and/or disenfranchisement of people like us is cool. That’s the rule, apparently.


I’m not interested in their rules or their fussy outrage except to the extent that I can mock them about it. Don’t like what I have to say? Too bad. Lump it, toadboy Aaron Rupar and the rest of you dorks.

Uh oh, now they are going to think I am a bad person.

See, this is one of their most potent weapons, and at the same time one of the easiest to defeat. Their dumb spasm was designed to toss me outside of the range of accepted blue opinion and cause me to govern my speech accordingly in the future. But I am not going to do that. If you comply with their puny shaming play, it works great because you will then police your own expression. But it only works if you choose not to tell them to pound sand. And pound sand they must.

You get this all the time. One of the classics is “You’re racist!” How many Republicans have backed down in the face of that classic losers’ battle cry knowing it’s a lie but trying to prove themselves innocent? Here’s the thing. You can’t, not ever. First, it’s not even a real claim - they know it’s meaningless slander. And regardless, remember the systemic racism nonsense? That applies, so even if you eschew pointing out some objective fact that hurts leftists, you are still racist under their dopey definition. You can’t win, but then again it is not something you could even escape through your naive use of objective facts and evidence. Neither facts nor evidence matter to them. It’s all about shutting you up. And when you care what they say, they win.

So stop caring.

Academia Is a Scam

So, Columbia University – which people associated with Columbia University will tell you is a very, very impressive place – has decided to stop pretending it is in the education business. Columbia is in the ruling class hiring business. You know because it just got totally rid of standardized tests for admission. Without the burden of objective proof of merit, their admissions flunkies will be free to employ a “holistic” and “nuanced” approach to admitting students. That means they will choose people they consider worthy of entering our ruling elite, and those are not your kids. And the rest of the allegedly prestigious colleges are going to do this too.

The purpose of merit, and therefore standardized tests, was to allow that smart, hardworking kid with no connection and who checks no particular box to get access to the conveyor belt into the ruling caste. And it worked, which is why standardized tests must be abandoned. Too many uppity outsiders were getting in, and this meant too many unwanted types were being allowed to rise. This move is all about curating the ruling class.

Legacies? Oh, they will get it, and so will the odd athlete. So will the donors’ brats and the celebrity nepotism babies. But if you look for some smart middle-class kids on one of these Ivy campuses, good luck. Not happening. You have the rich and connected scions, and the diversity gang. Why do you think the LGBTQ#%X*() contingent makes up a double-digit portion of the student bodies? Because an essay with “I was a straight-A Eagle Scout active in my church” gets trumped by “As a trans non-binary neuro-atypical furry of color, I got straight-Cs because of patriarchy.”

And we suckers pay to support this. We hand these places tons of money, we fail to tax their endowments, and we treat them as if they were turning out geniuses instead of barely literate weirdos, losers, and mutations. This must stop. But there remain far too many unbased Republicans who are afraid to slap the schools around. But the Ivies have a glass jaw. They folded to a bunch of freaks who shouted at them, so think how fast they will come around to our way of thinking if we pass laws requiring blind merit admissions if a school takes a cent of federal dough.

Time to break them before they break our society.


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