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The City of San Francisco, the bayside burg that gave us Nancy Pelosi and sidewalk toilets, is now proposing the ultimate in nonsense – a few million bucks of reparations for everyone whose grandparents came from the right continent at the right time. Actually, it’s more generous than that, because you may also be eligible if you were a victim of the Drug War – that is, if you were a scumbag drug dealer justly imprisoned for slinging poison before the narcotics were effectively legalized by the same leftists whose hometown proposes this giveaway. Well, if a bunch of people who were never slaves should get free money from people who never owned slaves, I propose that the people forking over the dollars be the liberal San Francisco Democrats who never owned slaves. 


In fact, I think these idiots, who with their fellow race hustlers, freaky degenerates, and pinko commie jerks who have turned the America Dream into a nightmare, owe the rest of us reparations for screwing up our country.

Get out your checkbooks, you mutants. It’s time to pay us for having to put up with your nonsense. The only thing in question is the amount.

Let’s be clear about the nature of “reparations” – it’s morally illiterate nonsense pushed by creeps and subscribed to by the greedy and/or stupid. The idea that some people should get free money today from other people based on their race is a moral atrocity so total and unambiguous that it could only be wholeheartedly embraced by the kind of morons and charlatans who make up America’s left. There should be no “conversation” about reparations, only a looming middle finger demonstrating our refusal to accept the premise that this is worthy of consideration by decent folk.

Michael Corleone said it best to Senator Pat Geary in “Godfather II” “My offer is this. Nothing.” There’s no debate, no room for some compromise in which people who committed no wrong except for the misfortune of being born with currently unfashionable genes give the fruit of their time and labor to other people with currently fashionable genes as penance from crimes that the former did not commit and that the latter did not suffer. They get nothing. Not a penny. Not even an apology. No one alive today did wrong to anyone alive today. It’s ritual abasement and humiliation and we are not playing that. Blood guilt is a disgusting and primitive notion we will have no part of. 


Of course, there are some people besides the progs, race hustlers, and suckers who think their reparations check is in the mail who love the idea. It’s the KKK types, the kind of mouth-breathers who would join that Democrat-founded organization. A real racist loves the idea of separating people by race and making good people suffer because of it. That generates hate and resentment, upon which these parasites thrive. If you want to promote racism – and many of these race card counters seem entirely committed to doing so – you would want to punish innocent people because of their skin color in favor of other people of a different skin color. What better way to promote dissention and resentment? The best thing that ever happened to the relatively few actual racists out there was white liberals and their idiotic ideas.

Some might call the total rejection of the moral abomination of reparations “racist.” But some people are liars and/or idiots, and who the hell cares what they say? If they don’t call you racist for this, they will call you racist for something else. Never care about lies. Give them nothing, except mockery. Laugh at them.

But this does not excuse the left from ponying up for the wrongs they themselves have committed upon the decent and the normal through their hideous policies. Crime? They like it, or at least do everything consistent with liking it. Bankrupt the cops and impose prosecutors who won’t prosecute – if you wanted a recipe for inner city bloodshed, that’s it. And it works. Every dead kid killed in a crossfire between gangbangers who got a pat on the head and a no-bail release the last time they got caught rampaging is on the Democrats. There’s a solution to crime – do the opposite of what Lori Lightfoot does in Chicago. But the left won’t do it.


The budget? How many freeloaders are we carrying along because Uncle Sucker is passing out dollars to every bum, chiseler, and lowlife with his, her, or its palm out? They have changed the purpose of government from protecting our borders, killing our enemies, and hanging criminals to providing cash to anyone too lazy to pull their weight. We, the normal people who work, deserve reparations from the indolent and lazy.

Look around. The Rio Grande is a highway instead of an obstacle. Perverts are trying to groom our kids. Schools are conformity factories that churn out woke numbskulls who think the three branches of government are Facebook, Instagram and Tick Tok – though they might have a point. The left has imposed upon us a desiccated, corrupt pervert as president and a ruling class as unaccomplished and greedy as he is. Our country used to be great. Thanks to them, last week we got humiliated by a tiny blimp.

Those of us who built this country, who feed it and fuel it and make it function, who defend it and fund it, deserve reparations from the people who have trashed it. Pay the hell up – right after you roll up your own reparations demand real tight, light it on fire, and stuff it where even Fang Fang feared to tread.

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