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One of the oddest phenomena of the modern age is the eagerness for leftists to publicly embrace manifestly false concepts as a virtue signal to their fellow weirdoes, losers, and mutations that they are so down with the cause that they are willing to forgo objective reality as a sacrifice to their pagan godhead. The best part is when they then turn around and insist they believe in science. It’s a superficially brilliant tactic, though it’s actually too clever by half. Yeah, it might stun people into giving them a pass for a bit, but in the long run they’re going to be sorry. And I suggest we laugh at them when they are.

Now, what did I tell you? I told you that the Senate races the regime media just spent August decreeing that we were going to lose would tighten up and lo and behold, they are tightening up. Don’t believe the hype – believe the fundamentals. We’re going to win this midterm.

Dumb N’ Proud

At the end of “1984,” the doomed hero wins a victory over himself and loves Big Brother. Thirty-eight years after the deadline for tyranny, we’re seeing the same thing among the left. They are expressing their love for Big Non-Binary Sibling of Color Who Is Differently-Abled.

Take the National Organization for Women (NOW) please, since no man wants this wizened collection of affluent and unsatisfied wine ladies, barren spinsters, and daddy-issue mongers with unshaven armpits. The latest idiocy from this group that launched a thousand incels is this tweet “All genders need access to abortion care” with a little pride flag emoji. Take that, bourgeois sensibilities!

Let’s put aside the “abortion care” thing – in the euphemism game, recasting baby killing as “care” is pretty audacious – though it is related to our thesis. Now, they know that “all genders,” which means “both of them,” do not get pregnant and therefore would not potentially be a candidate for fashionable infanticide. Only one could, women. But this formulation is not designed to be accurate. The point of the exercise is to boldly and baldly deny not only what we know to be true but what the speaker knows to be true. By rejecting the objective truth that she actually knows, she is demonstrating her commitment to the bit. It is a sacrifice, though instead of that of the life of a baby to Moloch as in the Planned Parenthood abattoirs, by telling the obvious lie the speaker sacrifices her dignity, her honor, and her ability to discern truth from falsehood. It is a sacrifice for the cause.

We’re supposed to be in awe of their total dedication.

Now, as a rhetorical tactic it can be efficacious on those of good faith who have no idea what time it is and therefore will be polite and analyze the statement as if it was a serious point asserted in good faith. By doing so, these suckers legitimize the lie and end up trying to disprove it with facts and evidence, but that is a meaningless exercise. The liars know it is a lie – if they actually believed it, telling the lie would not be a sacrifice but, instead, merely the ravings of a buffoon. Knowing it is a lie is critical; it is the willingness to say something you know is false and to fiercely defend it and thus give up a piece of your self-respect that makes it a sacrifice.

NOW knows that abortion is murder. NOW knows there are two genders. NOW knows that only women get pregnant. But it still ritually abases itself to demonstrate its fealty to leftist dogma. You can’t reason with people like that, and you can’t compromise with them.

We must retake power and crush them.

Here Comes The Pain

And the pain is for the Democrats. The polls are in and the regime media narrative from the mid-summer that the red wave was petering out had shriveled like Jeffrey Toobin when he Zooms and gets a busy signal. This is, of course, exactly what those of us who have done this before expected. 

But don’t believe the polls, just consider the trends. Do believe the fundamentals. And the fundamentals indicate that the Democrats are going to get crushed like a forgotten grape left on Ana Navarro’s View chair.

Fundamental One – Everyone hates Joe Biden. Old Daddyshowers is about as popular as a Mexican without a mop in Martha’s Vineyard. Unpopular president’s parties pay in midterms.

Fundamental Two – It is a first midterm election, and a president’s party almost always loses seat. There are exceptions, rare ones, but they have all been when the president was popular instead of political monkeypox. 

Fundamental Three – The economy sucks. It super sucks. I just went by a Trader Joe’s today – no, not to load up on screw-top Chardonnay like all the unsatisfied wine women of Los Angeles were doing – and a mediocre New York strip, under a pound, was nearly $12. Actually, I should have checked the Chardonnay prices and risked people seeing me handle a bottle question my manhood because if those prices are up too, Grandpa Badfinger will lose the wine women vote too and that would leave him with a coalition consisting only of perverts, government unions slugs, college parasites, and the sexually inadequate Never Trump sissies. 

When in doubt, bet on the fundamentals. The fundamentals are in our favor. But Adam Laxalt will win. Dr. Oz will win. Blake Masters will win. Hershel Walker will win. JD Vance was never even a question. Don’t count out New Hampshire, Washington or Colorado either. 

They want you dispirited. They want you demoralized. Start wanting their dreams destroyed, and make it so.

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