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Most Canadians Are Happy as Slaves

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You know, if the Canadians, in general, were not happy with Castro Junior’s dictatorship, they could boot out the little bastard – literally –in a no-confidence vote tomorrow. There are brave, freedom-loving Canadians. They appear to be a minority. The sad truth is the majority of Canadians are delighted to live like serfs. The hell with them.

Also, some observations about conservatives and alcohol.

Canadians Are Largely Unfit for Freedom

They want this. You need to understand that the majority of Canadians are happy with an unaccountable fascist regime ignoring any kind of due process to steal the property and freedom of citizens who dissent. As such, they are worthy only to live as slaves.

We get the idea that freedom is the natural state of man, and it is the natural state of a man. But there are some neuters out there still carrying the junk of biological males who are not men. They yearn for the warm embrace of dictatorship, and delight at seeing stormtroopers beating on actual men (and women, including those on Rascal scooters). Standing up for freedom shames them, so their solution is to cheer on their oppressors who are taking out those whose example show themselves to be the invertebrates they are.

Do not think it cannot happen here. In fact, the establishment is more turgid about the idea of unleashing the full power of the state Stasi on people like you and me than Jeffrey Toobin is on a particularly sexy Zoom call. It arouses them like Toots Swalwell when Fang Fang shows up in a cheerleader outfit and a clothespin on her nose, or when Brian Stelter (who is a potato) rushes to the steam table before Whoopi Goldberg can waddle over.

You need to understand that they care nothing about their own freedom, and actively hate yours.

What do you do? Well, for several reasons that would fill a couple more columns, what happened in Canada is unlikely to happen to the same extent here. But that’s not for want of trying. They want that power, and if they could pull it off they would do it in a heartbeat. And you better be ready.

First, get your mind right. Get woke. Understand the threat. Understand that the left does not share common premises with you about the inherent rights of every citizen. You believe there are some; they believe there are none. They want you enslaved or dead. Know that, accept that, and act.

Second, work for the GOP counter-revolution in November. We are not so gone far that elections do not work – the election shenanigans were concentrated in six blue urban areas that will never elect a Republican anyway, so as far as House seats, it's meaningless (Senate seats are different, but maybe this time the GOP will prepare). The political process is key; we need to use it.

Third, buy guns and ammunition to lawfully defend yourself against crime and tyranny. We are going to vote these creeps into obscurity. However, when you are faced with an enemy that will go all the way, it’s good to have the power to meet the challenge of people who think rights are.

Be fit for freedom by being ready to take it.

The Odd Conservative Take on Booze

Conservative writer David Marcus has written a powerful story of his struggle with alcohol and his rehab stints at the Miramar recovery center in Southern California (Full Disclosure: Miramar is one of my legal clients and its boss Tom Sauer is a personal friend) that addresses the role of drinking in conservatism. While Marcus details some major benders at CPACs (and I met him during one out by the bar in Orlando), it is not exactly what one might think.

A lot of conservatives in the movement do not drink – at all. The most famous teetotaler is President Trump – it is unclear whether it was his late brother’s battle with the bottle or whether he just does not like it. I always wondered about famous, successful people who used mind-altering substances. If I was, say, David Lee Roth in the ’80s, the last thing I would want is to alter my reality. But famous people and not-so-famous people alike struggle with addictions.

A lot of conservatives you know do not drink. I think it might be half of the big names I know do not. I do not know why, unless they volunteer it, as I do not like to pry. But they are universally cool with those of us who do. And most of us are not abstinent. Andrew Breitbart loved his beer. PJ Media’s Stephen Green and Stephen Kruiser have been known to tipple the occasional snifter of tawny port. I enjoy wine, though I hate hate hate hangovers and would rather switch to Perrier early than wake up late feeling like Alien is bursting out of my abdomen.

Others like to party to various extents. The bar is the center of activity after hours at conventions like CPAC, but less for the purpose of pounding liquor than because it’s a good place to meet and relax. Most of us from the hinterlands see these folks once a year at CPAC, and the bar is where it happens. The fluids are generally secondary to camaraderie. Not always – there are some folks who get wild at conventions, but that’s not the point of it all.

Regardless, by the time you read this, I should be heading to Florida for CPAC 2022. VIP folks, say “Hi” if you see me out and about! And keep your eye open for a meet-up somewhere – alcohol is purely optional!

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