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We are going to crush the Democrats in 2022, and there will be a temptation to sigh and wipe our brow and think it’s all over, but instead of relaxing in 2023 the GOP needs to attack. Think Attila the Hun charging at the head of his horde. Think George Patton leading the Third Army. Think Brian Stelter, who is a potato, when he sees a buffet. We need to crush their dreams and make them howl in the run-up to 2024, when we will retake the presidency and put a sharpened stake through the shriveled heart of the leftist monster.


We will have power soon. We must use it.

They will cry. We must drink their tears.

Let’s understand – because many of us don’t – that there are limitations on what we can do in 2023 and 2024 because we will not control the executive branch. Grandpa Badfinger, if he is not driven to resign by his masters in the wake of the inevitable 2022 electoral bloodbath, has only one bad choice among many worse ones – to double down and fight the strong GOP majorities for two miserable years as our enemies around the world rack up even more humiliating wins over an America hobbled by liberals who hate it and the bungling Boltonian hawk bros who think America should invade pretty much everywhere.

What can a party with a firm grasp on the legislative branch but not on the executive branch do? This is especially pertinent since the filibuster will remain in effect, something the Democrats will be thanking Manchin and Sinema for come Inauguration Day 2025. We can still do five vital things. We can investigate, push the brakes, refuse to confirm, punish enemies, and impeach. Do these things break the norms, because that’s what the Dems and their media minions will say? No, they are the norms. They are the new rules the Democrats played by; we’re just going to show that they actually played themselves.

Let’s start with the power to investigate. Oh, will we investigate. Hunter Biden, you might want to snort a thick rail of Miralax to purge those innards because we are going to colonoscopy every seedy, scummy business deal you ever did for Mr. 10%..And am I ever eager for the January 6th Committee Committee to explore all the ways this kangaroo court violated the rights of citizens in a quest to suppress and oppress the enemies of the Democrats and the Democrat fellow travelers. We need to expose the truth of this total disgrace. Personally, I can’t wait until it issues communications subpoenas for the newly-unemployed Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, for Adam Schiff and for Eric Swalwell – let’s get those Fang Fang texts! Gee, that sounds like using your power to retaliate against political opponents in order to secure a partisan advantage. Yeah, a little bit, but what are you going to do? Those are the new rules, and we are powerless to disobey.


Next, we need to push the brakes. The GOP will not be able to pass laws, but it can refuse to pass laws. We must do that mercilessly. And we have a slight advantage in that our constituents are neither government employees or welfare cheats, so less government hurts them more. We must strategically refuse to fund things that almost everyone hates and let Crusty and the Congressional Dems – Pelosi will be long gone enjoying the graft she sucked out of DC back in Cali – publicly fight for them. Take CRT, please. Pass a budget with this caveat – not one penny shall be spent on any CRT/diversity crap. And let the Dems howl and President * veto it. Make them die on CRT Hill.

There are lots of other things we need to do, like defund and disestablish the FBI and NPR, that you might want to wait for the next GOP president for, but you can still cut their budget. Yeah. Let that demented old freak hold up signing a welfare bill and denying free money to bums because the GOP sliced the Volvo radio station budget 33%. Remember, the idea is always to use pain applied to one Democrat constituency to force the Dems to publicly fight for another unpopular Democrat constituency.

Next on the GOP agenda is refusing to confirm Biden nominees. Oh, the Murder Turtle has got this. The Dems hamstrung Trump in part by delaying nominees. They must suffer and learn. Of course, some can be confirmed if they are only semi-loony – for a price. But a SCOTUS justice after January 2023? Nope.


A lot of institutions have crossed us over the last few years. This is because our soft leaders failed to demonstrate that they do so at our peril. The GOP is learning a bit. The Chamber of Commerce betrayed us, and it is now dead to us. Let its head be posted on a pike to encourage the others. Institutions need to understand that choosing to side with our enemies has consequences. They must earn back any favor. And we need to make sure that any lobbying firm or media group or corporate board or whatever that hires traitors like Cheney or Kinzinger gets nothing from the GOP. Nothing. The door is shut tight. We must reestablish that to screw with our people has a price, and a painful one.

Finally, there is impeachment. Trump was faux impeached twice for nonsense. Biden, however, is willfully violating the law by throwing open the border. He must be held to account for refusing to enforce the laws passed by the Congress and signed by the president. Let the Democrats, fresh from their fake “Muh Democracy” bleating, explain why they support someone actively subverting democracy. After all, what else can you call the willful refusal to enforce the laws passed by the people’s representatives?

Now, the application of the Democrats’ new rules during the pre-new president interregnum may make the Democrats yearn for the old rules. They will cry, we will laugh. But, after they have sufficiently suffered – for they must suffer to train them that they never, ever get a free pass – we can discuss going back to the old rules. They go first, of course.


And there will be Republicans without the spine to avenge the base upon the people who have screwed it. The GOP leadership better not listen to them. Weakness will only encourage our enemies and will earn the hatred of the base. The road from 2008 to today is strewn with the shredded career carcasses of RINOs and squishes who placed Beltway consensus over victory. This is serious stuff. The establishment has stolen our jobs, threatened our freedom, allowed criminals to run rampant and gotten our sons and daughters killed in useless wars. This is life and death. Do not go soft.

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