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Democrats Literally Want to Throw You in Jail

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In a shocking turn of events that is not shocking at all, it turns out that the people who call you Nazis all the time are really excited about the chance to arrest you for speaking freely and doing as you choose. Look, this is my shocked face. Shocked looking, huh?

You know what leftists really hate? The truth about rebellious, nonconformist music. That’s our music. They are the drones, the sheep, the one humming the official narrative whose chorus is “obey, obey, obey.” Punk rock (and post-punk rock) is conservative. Disagree? Fight me.

Democrats Literally Want to Throw You in Jail for Dissenting 

I guess dissent is not patriotic anymore – though when 2025 rolls around it sure will be again. There was a recent Rasmussen poll that found some inclinations on the left side of the aisle that might come as a shock to people in a coma since 2008. 

It found that only 58% of all voters would oppose fining people who refused to get a vaccine. But 55% of Democratic voters would support that idea. In fact, 59% of Democrats support locking people who won’t submit in their homes; 45% would send these pariahs to camps, where they presumably could be concentrated. Further, “47% of Democrats favor a government tracking program for those who won’t get the COVID-19 vaccine.”

Keep in mind, this is when the COVID panic is far past it’s peak and more and more people are saying “Enough.” These weirdos are saying, “Not enough!”

And there’s more. About 48% of Democrats think the government “should be able to fine or imprison individuals who publicly question the efficacy of the existing COVID-19 vaccines on social media, television, radio, or in online or digital publications.” 

I guess they are invoking the “Just kidding” clause of the Constitution that comes into effect when the flu comes around. I must have been out the day they taught that provision in my law school Con Law course.

But let’s understand clearly what these monsters are saying. They are saying that the government should be able to arrest you for disagreeing with the government (at least when they agree with the government). They are saying that if you don’t comply with their scientifically-unsound commands, you can be locked in or locked up. They think this is okay. They support it. And they also accuse you of being a Nazi.

The poll did not test irony’s approval numbers among libs, but they seem strongly in favor.

Now, these people are not all stupid – do not give them that out. They know that none of these things would “work” even if efficacy were the test. They want the power to tell you what to say and do upon pain of guys with guns coming to your house because today the emergency that gives them the authority to shut you up and throw you in jail for disobedience is COVID, and then tomorrow it will be insurrections and the day after that some other bullSchiff. 

They want you broken and obedient. COVID is all just an excuse. There’s always going to be an excuse. And given the ability, they will do it. Look at Australia. That’s not a cautionary example to our Democrats; that is an inspiration. And the key moment in these fascists ability to do it came long before the first manifestation of the Chinese virus. It came when the Aussies obediently lined up and turned in their guns because Uncle Kangaroo told them to.

Never give up your guns. In fact, buy more guns, and buy ammo, and train with them. Because a government that can arrest you for speaking freely and command you to cower in your home forever is not the government you signed up for when our little social compact was drafted and executed. 

Punk Rock Is Conservative

I like alternative music. Growing up in California in the 80s, we had stations like KQAK (“The Quake”), KROQ and 91X pumping out tunes from bands like the Clash, English Beat and Psychedelic Furs. This was what Andrew Breitbart and I originally bonded over after a law school classmate of mine and high school classmate of his (a liberal, BTW) introduced us. And while the band members usually (but not always) considered themselves leftists, I never saw the music that way. 

I thought the outrage and anger in the “political” songs matched my anger and outrage at the liberal establishment. Remember, the PC thing started in the 80s. As a columnist on the UC San Diego conservative paper, I got called into the dean’s office for trashing the leftists who ran things. I promptly waked back to my pad and wrote another, harsher column on my little chat with the bureaucratic poobah. So I was always anti-establishment. And that’s what I took from the punk and post-punk music I was listening to.

Several of the Ramones were famously right wing, and no one rocked like them. Even Johnny Lydon of the Sex Pistols (then Johnny Rotten) got in the act – check out the anti-abortion rocker “Bodies.” I never saw songs like “God Save the Queen” and “Anarchy in the UK” as leftist anthems. I saw them as mine. I loved the roaring attacks on mindless conformity like the Replacement’s, um, “Let’s Go School” (NSFW) Any one of us could totally buy into the lyrics Hüsker Dü’s flamethrower “In a Free Land”: 

Government-authorized education

(Don't mean a thing)

They'll teach you what they want you to think

(Don't mean a thing)

Of course, this fact would mortify the surviving band members. Years ago, I got in an online discussion with Bob Mould, the guitarist, over whether an artist could control the interpretation of his music after he put it out there. The answer is no – who cares what they think they think? It’s what we think about the songs that matter.

Whoa, how post-modern!

So, is punk conservative? That’s a bit simplistic – it’s anti-authority and right now, the anti-authority side, the non-conformists, are conservative. This has been true for decades. And you look at the current “political” bands, like the incomparably crappy Rage Against the Machine, and they are all for the machine. They are eager cogs in it – wear your mask, take your vaxx, pretend men are women, obey, obey, obey.


Those hacks are conformists, just like all their friends. 

We’re the rebels now, and the rebel music belongs to us.

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