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The Never Trumpers Are Annoyed

Posted: Dec 03, 2021 9:00 PM
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The Never Trumpers Are Annoyed

Source: AP Photo/Ben Gray

A lot of us right-wing men think that you should be a man. And a lot of right-wing women think men should be men. This is freaking out the libs. This is freaking out the Never Trump sissies.

The Never Trumpers are annoyed because we go online (GUILTY!) and screw with them incessantly. It kind of has a high school vibe, and that's exactly it. Because a) all life is like high school (tell me that's not true), and b) it demonstrates the depth of my contempt and the depth of your contempt for these invertebrates—these human noodles.

They got mad because we rejected them. We saw that they were weak. We saw that they were ineffectual. They saw that they just couldn't make it happen, and making it happen is kind of the essence of being a man. A man creates; a man destroys. A man achieves something. What did they achieve? What did they conserve? What did they ever do except suck the blood out of the conservative movement?


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