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You know the Asterisk *dminstration is going to be Jimmy Carter without the competence, coherence, and popularity, right? This is a disaster, and like Nero fiddling as Rome burns, Grandpa Badfinger is sitting in a rocking chair with a bowl of mush whistling the Andy Griffith theme.

And I am all for it. Like a drunk who needs to hit rock bottom, America needs a heapin’ helpin’ of the commie dreck the dummies have been pushing. And they are gonna get it.

Next, after several GOP governor fails, we finally have some good examples of how to fight back. Kristi!, look and learn.

And, lastly, here’s the election reform we should be pushing…

The Media Pimping Is Proof President * Is A Disaster

My new favorite thing is the nonstop Huggy Bearing of the media as it tries to get us to go home with the idea that the desiccated old weirdo in the White House is doin’ great. Where’s the great? 

His one achievement is to dig us a couple trillion more in debt, and he barely did that. Inflation is coming – while big corporations might be compelled into ridiculous wokeness, the laws of economics are not going to be repealed because someone with the pronouns “doop” and “duup” has a case of the sads. I’m old and I recall inflation. Reagan crushed it and these dillweeds are going to bring it back. People will not like it. Not a bit.

Of course, I’ll be fine. I’m a lawyer in a blue state. These evil machinations are designed to make me richer at the expense of most other people. But what the leftist dummies have not figured out is that people are going to notice when their gas is $7 a gallon. And they are not going to blame Trump. Nor are they going to be particularly sympathetic when that little weasel Audie Buttigieg starts telling them to take the train.

The media will cheerlead and cheerlead, sort of like that meme where the dog is sitting at a table drinking coffee as everything burns saying, “This is fine.” The ridiculous polls that show 60 percent approval for that crusty pervert are hysterical – except for frigid suburban wine women and other lib saps, who approves of this doofus? It’s all lies, and people will see it.

This scam is good – scammers reveal themselves. It will eventually occur to even the densest dummies that the media is nothing but an English language Pravda that can’t figure out the difference between boys and girls. Did you catch the CNN report – you’d have had to have been in an airport – about how there is no scientific consensus about determining gender at birth? It’s glorious to see them commit ritual suicide.

In the meantime, besides the economy about to crash after the $1,400 sugar high – real men spend their stimmy on guns and ammo – we have the Chinese about to sink our Pacific fleet, all of Central America moving north over the border, and crime on the rise. The quality of life of the anointed is going to be fine – their kids aren’t in the military, they love slave labor, and their cops don’t allow the foolishness they decree for the blue cities. It’s normal people who will suffer, and, if they are worthy of relief, normal people are the ones who will demand it.

Good Examples From GOP Governors For Once

You gotta be bummed if you are Kristi! Noem right now. She flushed her White House dreams down the toilet for nothing. Right now, several GOP govs are fighting back, even Brian Kemp, whose supine posture during the election fiasco was such a problem. Greg Abbot, who has been intermittently weak, also showed some spine.

The tepid Georgia election reforms (more on that in a sec) drew a ton of fire because the plan is to make any election reform radioactive and scare the Republicans away from fixing the broken system. When baseball left Atlanta – hilariously, for a minority-minority town with similar election laws – Kemp didn’t fold. He told the MLB to get out. And then Abbot said, “Don’t come here.” In Florida, Ron DeSantis was busy pummeling 60 Minutes, which was lying as usual. 

That’s how you do it.

Poor Kristi! and her ruined dreams. It’d be sad, except it’s good she revealed her weakness now. 

The next GOP nominee must be a fighter. We will accept nothing less.

If You Can’t Get ID You Are Too Stupid To Vote

I want it to be harder to vote. No one ever said it should take no effort. Effort is good – it screens out the lazy and the dumb. And we need to stop tinkering around the edges. No compromise – we’re never going to please the cheats, since making it easier to cheat is all this is about, so why try? Go for real reform.

Picture ID to register and to vote.

In-person voting only, except very, very few absentee exceptions.

No early voting – we all vote on one day.

No bribery – if you are too dumb to bring some water then dehydrate. We’re not allowing hacks to buy your votes for a bottle of Dasani.

Counts end after 24 hours – blue cities that are too incompetent to get their votes counted don’t get counted.

Total vote and counting transparency – observers everywhere.

If you want anything less, you hate democracy.

But they’ll call us racist!

Yeah. And?

The only racism here is the noxious idea that minorities are too dumb to get ID and vote on Election Day.

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