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I Am So Tired Of All This COVID Nonsense

Posted: Dec 09, 2020 12:01 AM
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I Am So Tired Of All This COVID Nonsense

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The COVID response is demonstrating for anyone who was not already paying attention just how terrible our ruling class is – and how annoying the Karens are. This is getting really stupid. Also, we need to help some folks out – I have already to set the example – and do you want to guess my gift suggestion for the conservative reader in your life?

Good guess!

I Am So Tired Of All This COVID Nonsense

So, Irina and I were talking a walk and we were not wearing masks. Now, because we handily defeated this puny virus with our virile and robust immune systems, we are immune to it and cannot spread it. This is according to science, and we all believe in science, right?

Notice how the people who always say that don’t seem to believe in science when science doesn’t tell them what they want to hear?

Anyway, this wheezy little car pulls up and a woman who filled up most of it shouts, “Wear a mask!”

Not the best plan.

OK, this talking comorbidity should have been more worried about diabetes than about a couple of mask-free people 20 feet away outside of her car who are immune to the virus. She puttered away as I, well, made a logistically challenging suggestion regarding her being her own best friend. Then Irina pulled out her earbuds and asked me what Ana Navarro’s doppelganger said – Irina is used to me bursting into spasms of profanity – and I told her and she added her own suggestion to mine.

The point is that people are stupid, particularly if they are dealing with this hyped-up flu.

Look, it’s a real disease and it can hurt or kill a small minority of the people who get it. We cheated the 99.99% survival odds, but not everyone will, and all things being even, you don’t want to catch it if you can help it. I’m trying to do my part to help – I contacted the Red Cross and offered my potent, antibody-rich plasma to them. We’ll see if they want it.

Anyway, this blob with the big mouth was doing what too many poobahs and potentates in our municipal governments do – running her fool mouth based not on science or data but on feelz. She feelz she needs to impose her hefty will upon us, just like she feelz she needs that third glazed doughnut.

But one size does not fit all.

You know, this is an entirely predictable upturn in case numbers – remember, the original lockdowns were not to stop the spread but to “flatten the curve,” that is, spread the same number of cases out over a longer time so in the short-run our hospitals did not overflow. It’s a pandemic, people. It stops when most of us get it and create herd immunity, or we get a vaccine. That’s how pandemics work.

But the thing to remember about a bunch of people getting it is that almost all of them will recover and be – wait for it – immune. You know, that’s kind of the basis of the whole herd immunity thing. Vaccines are just an artificial way of doing it, and based on the same principle of an immune response to exposure.

In any case, a whole bunch of us – 14.5 million as of December 6, a significant percentage of the population – are immune. And yet we’re supposed to lockdown and mask-up and act like we’re at risk when we aren’t. That’s not science. 

Nor are the disgraceful antics of our incompetent and corrupt leaders. Remember the video of the small restaurant owner told she can’t have outside dining by the Il Duce of LA? Yet, 50 feet away, a film company was setting up exactly the same lay-out to serve food for the set. Why? Science? No, it’s not science. It’s preference. Garcetti, like all these hacks, gives a pass to his donor buddies. And then a goodly bunch of these pint-size dictators ignore their own orders and get caught on film.

We’re supposed to accept it? No.

I think that movie company ought to be able to feed its crew and that the nice lady with the restaurant should be able to stay open. They should decide for themselves. The only person who knows what is right for me is me. That bison in the compact had no idea about my situation yet she had to pipe up. She didn’t let her ignorance stop her. And I’m not playing that.

I refuse to comply. 

Help Some People Out

2020 is a tough year, but it’s tougher for a lot of other folks. Notable among them are the kids of people in jail. You remember that Jesus said to visit folks in prison, but with the flu that’s out, so why not help the innocent kids this holiday season?

An officer should lead the way, and I am doing that prior to hitting you up. I am guest hosting for the great Hugh Hewitt today (Wednesday, December 9, 2020), and I get paid, and I have already donated my whole check to Angel Tree, which helps out these kids. We conservatives despise government “help,” but the necessary follow-on is that we individually help others ourselves. So, if you can, step up. I did.

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