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I’m not sure what is the most distinguishing characteristic of the Never Trump sissies. Sure, they are contemptible worms who care about nothing but extending their pathetic grifts – and it’s not like the Grima Wormtongues of conservatism have any saleable skills other than treachery. This is, of course, why these grody creatures are naturally drawn to D.C., where their loathsome skills are appreciated.


But scumbags are a dime a dozen – what truly distinguishes these geebos is their bizarre confidence that someday us conservatives are going have an epiphany that we need them back and come begging them to return to their former glory as the Republican establishment’s managers of America’s decline.

Check out John Bolton, who never met a war he wasn’t happy to have your kids fight, on Twitter presuming to tell us how things are going to be: “Longer term, there must be a broad ‘conversation’ about the direction of the conservative movement and the Republican party. More from me in [link to lame weasel-blog deleted]

Yo John, we’ve already had a conversation. You just weren’t invited to it. Here’s how the conversation went: 

“You know who sucks? People like John Bolton.”

“He stabbed the president in the back, so he’s certain to screw us over too.”

“Yeah, let’s never give him any kind of position where he can do damage in the future.”

“Agreed. Now, let’s move on. Item two: I think we can all agree that Brian Stelter is a potato.”

“Hear, hear!”

Yes, there are going to be many discussions about the future of the Republican Party. But one of the key premises is that the Never Trumpers who got the sadz because they lost the internal power struggle – mostly because they never conserved anything – and who collaborated with our enemies will have no part in them.


Now, you can see the three main brands of Never Trumpers – the active traitors (think Bulwark), the weakhearts (think Mitt), and the Establishment-curious squishes (think Nikki) – all angling to get back into power. The Treason Caucus is gone – there’s no coming back for the cruise ship conservatives. The weakhearts think they have a shot, but we’re going to purge them out as the wheels of justice grind on (Mitt best take a job as Assistant Undersecretary of Hair Care and Miracle Whip in the Biden admin if he wants to avoid getting humiliated in his next primary). It’s the squishes who are the real issue, and who the Establishment will try to foist upon us if we are not vigilant.

Hi, Nikki Haley.

Here’s the test – at the end of the day, do you ever see Nikki or anyone like her risking the wrath of the WaPo by full-throatedly defending us? Do you ever see any them ever telling the Establishment to pound sand? A while ago, Nikki posted a pic of her smiling with John Brennan – yeah, that John Brennan. Now, all of us understand that you cannot be a conservative and cavort with John Freakin’ Brennan. But not her. No, when confronted with this insanity, she responded: “I can’t control who I sit on a panel with. I can control how I communicate America’s strengths and our path forward. That is what I did. [heart emoji, flag emoji]

I beg to differ – you absolutely can refuse to hang out with people who call the president and those who support him Russian agents. And we expect you to. We demand you do.


And I don’t want to hear about this “building bridges” crap. You know who else built bridges with the bad guys? Alec Guinness, and that got William Holden smoked.

Madness! Madness!

No more. We demand conservative wokeness. We demand that anyone purporting to represent us as the president 1) understand that we are in an existential fight, and 2) be on our side against the bad guys in that fight.

That’s not too much to ask, but we’re not asking. We are demanding.

Right now, the Establishment will push Nikki Haley 1.0 on us and she will get wiped out in the primary. Exactly who, besides the delusional losers in the Beltway, want someone who channels the Bushes? She is Jeb! Two, and Jeb! One was bad enough. 

But she could get woke. She could see through the fog and clearly understand the reality of this fight. She could take our side, not just in tentative tweets but forcefully and without fear or apology. The left wants us normals disenfranchised and forever suppressed, and that’s a best-case scenario. If you can’t see that, you’ll never get our support.

Maybe Nikki 2.0 will come along – I am not yet Never Nikki like I was Never Jeb! back in 2016. But understand the Establishment’s play here – push someone on us who pretends to be loyal to us but who actually puts the institutions and the donors first. We’re tired of being an afterthought to these hacks, doing our art then getting shafted. Remember how we fought to defend W back when the libs disliked him? Now, where was W when we needed him in 2020?



That’s the Establishment, folks.

And we’re done with it. We’re no longer supporting supine saps. Even if our party is unwoke, we are woke. And we are channeling the great Roger Daltrey, and we won’t get fooled again.

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