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The appointment of ACB took some of the focus off it, but if you look around, all you see are LARPing leftist jerks from Antifa and BLM rioting, always under the air cover of cowardly Dem mayors and Soros-bought DAs. Sure, there are no more riots in Lancaster where the cops and DAs refuse to play along, but there is still plenty of violence wherever they think they can get away with it. And it has become tiresome As amusing as it is that they burn liberal cities and harass the dipwad leftists who elected the scumbags’ enablers, it’s time to put a stop to it.


Conservatives must riot.

And we must riot mercilessly and ruthlessly to cause as much damage to the liberal project as is humanly possible. Burn it all down, figuratively.

The lefty fantasies of secession and civil war by the likes of Lanny Davis aside. These Democrat clowns are 0-1 and won’t break their streak in the very off chance they aren’t all-talk wusses posing to score with the mediocre chick-identifying beings of their little commie clubs. Their tantrum is not going to be resolved in the streets. After all, why would we ever fight them on their chosen battlefield? We have something to lose should there be battles in the streets. We have jobs, homes and families. All that can be stolen in a flash by some Democrat DA who prosecutes patriots while high-fiving the Joe Biden supporting traitors. Look at Kyle Rittenhouse, the hero who defended himself by shooting, among others, the most on-brand Joe Biden supporter ever – a convicted pedo attacking a minor. Kyle will walk. Too bad the jury can’t give him a medal as well as an acquittal – but the process itself is the punishment (Tangent: Time to outflank the Soros prosecutors with a federal law codifying a right to self-defense by those under politically-motivated attack).

The enemy – and the Marxist cretins of Antifa and the rest are the enemies of all decent American patriots – has nothing to lose. There are three visible components to the enemy force (there is another invisible component we will discuss later). None of the three types of rioters is significantly imperiled when staying within the staged confines of the blue city revolutionary theater. 


There is the cadre, the trained and funded operators who organize and arrange logistics. One of them is the creature that rented the famous Louisville U-Haul and filled it with gear. The cadre have no real possessions or jobs to lose, and getting busted for an hour or two actually enhances their street cred. Then there are the street criminals, the methy, scuzzy dregs who love the thrill of violence and would be happy to put on Mickey ears and enlist with the Marxist Mouseketeers if that would give them a chance to hurt something or someone. They don’t have anything to lose. The last component are the affluent daddy issues division types, the spoiled and stupid college kids who shave half their head, get a piercing, and decide to take some time off from getting their Trans Pottery degree at Oberlin to try to find meaning as one of the Anarchkids. These dorks have a guaranteed soft landing since daddy will always bailout his little princexx should xe get busted. Their colleges – which need to be on our list of institutions to tear down – will certainly hold open their slot, as long as daddy’s check clears. These pampered role players get to fill their soft, empty lives with something like excitement by rioting. It’s even fun for them.

In other words, we normal people have something to lose using these riotous riot tactics. The visible enemy only has something to gain personally, but also strategically. As I have explained in past brilliant and insightful columns, the fight is not over who controls a street corner or a park. This is an information operation, where Democrat municipal leaders tolerate and even encourage performance art violence designed to send the message that the thugs are in charge and we all better behave or else.


It’s a lie. They have nothing real. They have no combat power, no tactical control of anything besides a few square blocks, and they only have that because the cops are held back by liberal city leaders. They have no more than the power we give them by fearing them and reacting to them.

So, civilians kicking their sissy tails is a meaningless exercise. For us, a riotous riot gets us nothing. Plus, we own the stuff that would get burned down. That means a traditional riotous riot is a dumb strategy for us, a counterproductive move that would play into the left’s nearly-nonexistent strengths while exposing our weaknesses.

Instead, we should riot our way. That is, attack the enemy in a manner the enemy can neither limit nor control and both cause real damage to its forces while demonstrating, as part of our own information operation, that we are in control.

There are two components to our riot. The first is a riot at the ballot box. We need to ruthlessly eliminate all opposing candidates of either party. That means mobilizing to turn out votes and to vote viciously. Your nice city councilman who is kind and gentle and sort of squishy? He cut the ribbon at the petting zoo and send you emails about a library book drive? Yeah, he needs to go in favor of the bomb-thrower who wants to buy the cops a new armored personnel carrier. No Democrats, not ever. No soft Republicans, not ever. Only harsh conservatives who loudly live the dogma. Elect conservawoke candidates who understand the threat, and who savor the opportunity to use their political power to harm the left in every way they can.


Sorry, Nikki! and other hands-across-the-aisle establishment types, but bipartisan hugging and business as usual is a loser’s game, and we’re sick of losers.

Then there’s the second kind of riot, the political one. And Donald Trump is doing it. He is refusing to fight according to the establishment rules that the Fredocons eagerly allowed to tie our hands for decades. The Never Trumpers need to keep their weird bondage fantasies between them, their disappointed wives, and their eager pool boys – a modern Republicans need to unleash our inner Genghis Khans and destroy everything liberal in our path.

Trump has the right idea. No wimpy games and hand-wringing about RBG and her zombie wishes. We’re filling that seat so fast the libs will fill their drawers. ACB’s appointment will cause more damage to the left than a million dorks in black each smashing a Seattle Starbucks window can ever cause us. And we’re pillaging of the left’s formerly safe cultural and political spaces. For example, we’re banning the racist lies of critical race theory from being imposed on normal Americans via the government. Next on the list – regulating big tech.

And under Honey Badger Barr, we’re prosecuting the Antifa punks using federal law. Now that’s important. Under federal law, suddenly they aren’t protected from the consequences of their actions like they were when clutched to the bosom of the blue city Sorosite DAs. All of the categories of rioters have something to lose – like five-to-ten in the federal pokey. And that’s when the fourth type of rioter, the invisible funders, get exposed and indicted. These rich lib manipulators do have something to lose, which is why they want to stay far in the background. We need to pull them to the forefront and hold them accountable for the violence and pain their checkbooks have subsidized. No quarter.


We must riot ruthlessly, meaning we must ignore the alleged and intermittent norms and rules that serve only to reinforce liberal power. And we’re starting to get it. The GOP laughed at the idea that RBG’s alleged death rattle request for Trump not to fill her seat and put up Amy Coney Barrett to bring them the pain. We are investigating that malignant dwarf Bloomberg for buying votes in the form of paying off Florida felons’ fines. Can you imagine Jeb! having the stones to do that? And we are going to give Trump four more years to bulldoze the whole damn establishment flat.

Hey libs, you sorry collection of gender-confused losers, do you actually think you’re going to bring the system down? You’re its half-wit pawns! We’re the real rioters, and we’re burning your whole garbage liberal establishment to the ground.

Figuratively, of course.

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