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Congratulations, Virginia – you overcame the terrible peril that was patriots rallying in Richmond to peacefully express your disgust with Governor Jolson Klanrobe and his legislative back-up dancers’ attempt to strip you of your rights. You came, you saw, you protested, and then you swept up.

But the fight’s not over. It’s just starting. But know this – you will win.

Let’s begin with a basic principle: You have no moral obligation to respect or obey unconstitutional actions by a government. None. And when a government acts outside its constitutional limits, you do not merely have the right but the sacred duty to reject and replace it.

That’s the issue for patriots in Virginia.

Leftists decided to put all their efforts into grabbing the reins of government in that formerly not-terrible state, dumping tons of money into it and counting on the incompetence of the Virginia Republican Party plus the lassitude of many Virginians. See, a lot of people stayed home in 2018, and this is what you get. Remember, Hitler got into power following an election.

No, I’m not saying that your governor is Hitler, only that Hitler would dig his fashion sense.

So, what now?

What now is that you continue with the momentum from the rally and before. This is an insurgency – a peaceful one, despite the “de-escalate” crap your Jazz Singing’ chief executive is shoveling – and you need to keep up the pressure. This is about guns, which are the backstop of freedom but the liars and losers of the media want to pretend you don’t think so. They want to pretend you are looking for a chance to commit violence. They want to pretend you want to hurt people. That’s how they plan to delegitimize you. 

Don’t fall for it.

First step: resolve that these garbage people, whether liberal pols, the media, Twitter blue checks, or Fredocon sissies who would have been all in with the Redcoats in 1776, can kiss your sweet Northam. When you don’t ignore them, mock them. They want to shame you into the shame of submission. They have zero moral authority. They are lying trash and worthy only of your contempt. Treat them accordingly.

Second step: turn your anger into votes. The gunfascists got into power because far too many of you thought, “Oh, we’ve had Democrats in power in Virginia before and it’s no big deal.” Okay, wrong. The Democrats today are not the Democrats of yesterday. These are CA/NY billionaire-funded activists whose goal is to turn you into serfs by taking your power, your money, and your dignity. You must register to vote then you must vote only for Republicans – and you need to make sure you don’t nominate any wuss Republicans during the primary. Next, you must reinvigorate your party. Why don’t you run for a seat on the local GOP committee? Organize! The mobilization for gun rights sanctuaries and the march on the Capitol proved that if you organize and act, you will win. 

Look, I have seen this movie before. Here in California, when I was young, we were bright red and elected people like Reagan. Now our governor is that Beto-clone who wasn’t man enough to keep Don Jr.’s girlfriend. Our Republican Party became a joke, and the people walked away from it. Revitalize your party and vote the Democrats out. Start by sending a message this November by getting Virginia all-in for Donald Trump and firing a bunch of Dem congressjerks.

Step three: when they pass the laws fight them in court. Someday the Supreme Court is going to take another gun case and declare that there is no asterisk after the Second Amendment that leads to a note reading, “Just kidding.”

Step fou:  resist unconstitutional laws. There is no moral obligation to respect them. Your sanctuary city and county proclamations are bold and powerful demonstrations of resolve. Hey, civil disobedience comes with consequences. But the refusal to comply with unconstitutional pronouncements forces the rights-haters to decide how far they want to push this. It is a classic insurgent strategy to provoke an overreaction by the regime. Every citizen they attempt to hammer for wanting to be free creates another 100 supporters of liberty.

Notice what is not a step? Violence. Yes, the ultimate purpose for all those beautiful firearms is, if deterrence fails, to kill tyrants and criminals, but we are so far from that the rare people blustering about being on the edge of open warfare in VA are silly and unconstructive. Let’s leave that to fiction about when violent tyranny has no other remedy – like in my newest novel Collapse and the other entries in the series, People's Republic, Indian Country and Wildfire, if you want to see the worst-case scenario. But this is not the worst-case scenario by a long shot; this is just a bad case scenario.

We can fix this.

We talk a lot about the obligation of others to observe our Constitution in letter and spirit, but we have that obligation too. We must use the processes the Founders laid down to achieve our goals. The steps outlined above, like taking the issue to the people in the next election and using the courts to vindicate our rights, are the foundation of our Constitution. Our Constitution is a tough old guy, and it can take this punch from those Dem weenies and stand right back up.

Virginia, you made America proud on January 20th. You defied your dishonest and obnoxious governor, who was crossing his fingers hoping for trouble. You defied the media liars who called you horrible names. You defied the few fools and cretins who showed up at the rally looking for trouble. You came out in the cold, normal Americans, proud and patriotic, and demanded your liberties peacefully, powerfully and gloriously.

Now you have to finish the fight. Organize. Vote. And never give in.

You will win.

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