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Communist curmudgeon Bernie Sanders is having his moment, threatening to actually win some of the early primaries and maybe even the nomination. This is bad, at least for the Democrats, since the idea of a weird crusty admitted socialist as their candidate is problematic – the problem being Americans aren’t insanely stupid enough to elect this guy president.


We hope.

Also note that I am excluding Vermont, New York and California from that statement, if you have somehow confused those mutant provinces with America.

But with Bernie rising in the polls, and his poisonous ideology gathering steam among the Democrat base, can we really laugh off this Soviet Union-loving crank? 

Gropey Joe is collapsing, and we still have not seen the full effect of what happens when America gets a load of his loser son, the $50,000 a month stripper impregnator. Once Joe takes his first real body blow, he’s going down. 

Heap Big Hack is the one trying to get as close to Sanders as she can without going full socialist – never go full socialist – but she’s flailing. Recently she decried our shameful failure to respond to America’s greatest crisis, that boy criminals pretending to be girl criminals still have to go to boy jails instead of girl jails. There’s no real room in the race for this forked-tongue phony. The kind of people who subscribe to her nonsense prefer the full-bore socialism of Sanders to Warren’s paleface imitation.

Remember Klobucharmania? Me neither. Amy is just in it to grab second place. She’s the sensible shoe of the veepstakes.

And there’s Pete Buttigieg, the Hero of Kandahar, the Moses of the Midwest. That pretentious little doofus. Never has someone had so much self-esteem and so little reason for it. Let’s put it this way – if the Democrat primary was Hogan’s Heroes, Pete Buttigieg would assume he was Bob Crane but he would really be Larry Hovis.


We could hope that the nomination of Bernie would lead the Democrats to a massive electoral repudiation that would spark a long-overdue re-think of the Democrat Party’s drift to the far left. That seems the most likely result. But imagine if Sanders won. If you are one of the two nominees, you have a shot at it, as Donald Trump proved. And keep in mind you that don’t have to win to prevail down the road. In 1964, Barry Goldwater got creamed; in 1980, his ideological protégé Ronald Reagan won and conservatism was changed forever, despite the best efforts of those pathetic losers writing for whatever the Bulwark is.

So, Sanders could win. Now it gets really scary. Him with executive power. Shiver. Think of his administration, a motley collection of weirdos, trustafarians, hipsters, professors, and beret-topped activists. Look at that psycho from Iowa Project Veritas exposed. It would be a socialist Freaknik. 

What would these cadres of Bernie Bros with some power do? Nationalization of businesses. Giveaways to freeloaders, paid for by all his new taxes. If you want your health care run by a guy who never had a job until those idiots in Vermont elected him, vote Bernie. Say “Bye” to free speech, freedom of religion, and your guns. Our enemies would be emboldened, our allies betrayed, our military ruined, and our economy destroyed. But hey – maybe Bernie Sanders is the one guy in all of human history talented enough to make socialism work.


And, if he keeps true to the form of his idols, he would try to turn the full power of the government against anyone who objects. But gee, lucky our federal law enforcement, intelligence, and tax agencies are packed with non-partisan professionals who would never, ever abuse their power and position to help a Democrat politician go after his opponents!

He’s dangerous, even if he looks like a disgruntled koala. Just ask his gulag aficionado, firing squad-aspiring pals.

Let’s be clear about one thing – Bernie Sanders is not cute and he’s not funny. He’s an unrepentant adherent of a vicious ideology that has butchered better than 100 million people in the last hundred years. The risk of electing a doctrinaire Marxist is open civil war – with his murder-fetishizing acolytes on the anti-freedom side along with the Never Trump True Conservatives™ who contend that True Conservatism™ demands we submit to communist rule because Trump tweets mean things at fugly celebs. 

American patriots are not going socialist, not while they have the means to resist. You are under no moral obligation to allow yourself to be voted into tyranny by other people. If the Democrats insist on him, and through some horrible chain of events he gets the majority of the electoral votes, they will have lit the fire that could Bern it all down.


The kind of socialist nightmare Bernie Sanders represents is chronicled in my newest novel Collapse. Check it out along with the other entries in the series, People's RepublicIndian Country and Wildfire. America has split into red and blue, and both action and liberal-thumping hilarity ensue! The Never Trump sissies call my books “appalling,” so go get ‘em.

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