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Not-Senile-At-All Joe Biden inarticulately joined the “Take All The Gunz” chorus the other day, joining the rest of the socialists, socialists lite and fake Indians who make up the Democrat slate in thinking we’ll just hand-over our arms because of their wanting us to. There are good arguments against their position, including not wanting to rip our country apart with a bunch of Waco redos, but I don’t argue except for money, and I especially don’t argue about my gun rights since they are not up for debate. If I were to argue over the right to keep and bear arms, my position would be simple. Fifty percent of my “argument” would consist of the naughty word the media squees over Beto now uses when babbling about disarming us, plus the word “you.”


The elite, including their pet media, are no longer lying about how they are not going to try to take our guns. They are now all in on disarming you. We need not worry that Donald Trump will roll over on gun rights because that’s political suicide, and a hara kiri move that would leave his family at the mercy of a Democrat Department of Justice who will no doubt be much less picky with his people about who they charge with crimes then they have been with Democrat faves. However, there are weak-hearted GOP congressmen and senators who would love to surrender because that’s what squishes who read the NYT and respect it do. They need to fear our electoral wrath. They need to know that we will destroy them at the ballot box if they allow their cowardice to bring our country to the brink of chaos by empowering the same folks who brought you Spygate, and who let Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit off, prosecute millions of Normal Americans for “crimes” that are legal acts today and that the Constitution says are our natural rights.

No gun bans, ever. You feel us?

But you can argue about gun rights if you want to – here are some suggestions how – but I prefer the threat of the total political destruction of those who would betray us. That’s not because our arguments are weak – our arguments are ironclad – but because arguments mean nothing anymore, since the goal of the gun grabbers is not enacting good policy. If it were, they wouldn’t be targeting law-abiding citizens like us. Nor would they have tolerated decades of bloodbaths in every Democrat big city. They would have unleashed the cops to bust the drug-dealing, gang-banging scumbags who wander about loose today because the liberals in charge simply do not care about scores of dead inner-city citizens.


There’s no good faith argument to be had because our gooey elite, supported by the Ahoy Division of Fredocon submissives eager to once again receive their ration of establishment table scraps, don’t care about facts or reason. They already have their objective and they aren’t going to let bourgeois conceits like “evidence” and “rights” get in their way.

They want power, and they want to demonstrate their power over those knuckle-dragging cisgender Jesus people who work for a living, like you, by taking away a right that is central to your conception of yourself as an American citizen. Guns represent your power to protect yourself and your family, and your power to remove a tyrannical government. Taking that from you allows them the delightful opportunity to rub your face in your own submission, and it puts you in your place. Oh, and there’s also the practical value of depriving you of the power to remove a tyrannical government, since that’s what the elite aspires to enact. Disarmed, you are at their mercy and, as the history of left-wing governments teaches, they have none for such as you.

We hear a lot about how our position that citizens owning guns can be a remedy for a government that decides to ignore the consent of the governed is crazy talk that’s crazy spoken by crazy people. Except, it’s the notion that 100 million armed citizens is powerless that’s crazy. And what’s even crazier is the notion that our blazin’ dumpster of a ruling class could never, ever, at some point, require some kinetic citizen feedback. “But but but,” our betters stammer. “We elites always mean the best for you and we wish to rule you for your own good with your best interests in mind and Iraq and the Wall Street collapse and Obamacare and Jeffrey Epstein and yada yada yada.”


Yeah, they got our backs – in their sights. Our elite is garbage, and everything it says is a lie and a scam. You just need to look around and be willing to see the truth. At home, we have a Deep State that shamelessly runs a dual track justice system, one for the connected and one for you. If you get uppity, it comes down on you – look at the IRS scandal and look at what they’ve done to anyone helping Trump. Then look at how those within the elite skip out on accountability. Gee, I bet if we disarm that will all change and they’ll start respecting our rights n’ stuff!

We have a media that lies to you and tries to demolish your history in order to undermine the moral foundation of your right to participate in your own governance and to live as you see fit. And what does the royal caste think of us? Glance at social media, and before you get so disgusted you need to run to the shower (with the crappy lo-flo shower head the elite imposed upon you as a sacrifice to their Angry Weather Goddess), you’ll see how our betters are intent on limiting what you can say, think and do. Well, the nice ones. The less circumspect ones will happily tweet about how they want you dead.

Over in Old Blighty, the global elite’s London franchise decided to let the unwashed have their little referendum to put an end to those unseemly rumblings about the EU’s impositions on the UK’s national sovereignty and – uh oh – the proles voted wrong. That was three years ago, and the elite’s promise that the people’s decision on the referendum would be honored has, of course, been broken. And across the globe, in Hong Kong, the Chi-Coms are in the process of breaking their word about letting HK be free. But hey, the socialists here will totally respect your rights once they take power, especially if you are disarmed and defenseless. Chet, who is my pet unicorn, is willing to bet his liberty on it.


But I’m not.

Do you think, for even a second, that a Supreme Court appointed by Big Chief Warren or Not Mrs. Willie Brown or that insufferable furry Tex Kennedy would hesitate to find that the First Amendment has a hidden exceptions for “hate speech” (an elastic term that includes anything you might want to say that the elite does not wish to be said), that the Constitution allows your religious practices to be subjected to their control, and that the Second Amendment actually means you can’t own any weapons at all?

Their Second Amendment arguments are always interesting, and their bottom line is that this part of the Bill of Rights actually provides us no right at all, none. “Shall not be infringed” actually mean “Infringe away!” “But but but,” they blubber. “There were muskets then and now we have scary ARs and the Founders could not have wanted that.” Actually, the Founders would love the idea of citizens owning real assault weapons and wonder why so many of our countrymen are half-stepping slackers without the capacity to do their duty in the defense of their communities and Constitution.

And that argument itself is embarrassingly dumb, both legally, as Antonin Scalia pointed out in Heller, and just in terms of basic coherence. The people hoping to oppress us also have ARs. Does it make sense that the Founders would want us to fall so far behind the capabilities of the people who our guns are supposed to keep at bay that we can’t deter them anymore because we’re stuck with muskets? No, but who cares? The libs don’t. They are not asserting an argument as much as a superficial, poorly-conceived, pseudo-clever meme that the kind of dumb people who watch late night TV comics think is smart. It’s not smart. It’s not even smert.


Here’s the deal. No disarmament ever. Buy guns and ammunition, if you are a law-abiding, healthy adult. Train on them. And be ready, because the minute you disarm you will be a serf. Look at England. Look at Hong Kong. Then get yourself the weapons you need to be a complete American citizen.

If you want to read a vivid account of what happens if the Democrats succeed and get to disarm us, which is the first step to establishing the kind of one-party dictatorship you see in California and Venezuela, check out my action-packed yet hilarious novels, People's RepublicIndian Country and Wildfire. The Never Trump losers call them “appalling,” meaning patriots like you will call them “awesome.”

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