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George Orwell’s socialist tyrants worked hard to impose what he called “doublethink,” but today’s left can’t even manage singlethink. Our bloated, soft and lazy elite no longer bothers to try to fool us with consistent, coherent lies – it is too busy reacting to the actions of one solitary hero who knows how to play these blue city geeks like Keith Richards knows how to play a guitar, only with less Jack Daniels.


Now that I have Nancy Pelosi’s attention…

That hero is President Donald Trump, who I hope is president forever because watching him use his narrative jiu jitsu on his feckless opponents is so much fun that I dread the day when he’s no longer in the ring body-slamming our enemies for our amusement.

Hypocrisy, thy name is “Democrat,” and Trump has this amazing way of making them demonstrate it to the world that no one else has ever been able to pull off. Look at what we’ve seen just in the last week. With his declassification move, Trump has maneuvered them into publicly asserting that providing you more information about what occurred is now a “cover-up” of what occurred for some reason. Don’t think about it – just go with it. They’re rolling.

We have the lib poohbahs and their mainstream media Renfields in full spazz effect because Trump proposes to declassify info attesting to the antics of the Deep State moles who tried to spur the failed soft coup in part by…leaking classified info. Wait, so now exposing classified info is…bad? Didn’t Hollywood just make an eponymous movie about the brave firefighters of the WaPo defying the government to bring the people the truth by publishing the classified Pentagon Papers? Well, maybe – I don’t know because I don’t watch pinko self-slobberfest movies. I do know that the libs were all giddy when The Lightbringer/Dogeater gave underserved clemency to Bradley Manning for leaking classified material to Julian Assange, who the media now hates for publishing confidential material that hurt Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit.


Gosh, trying to keep their contortions on the classified material issue straight would be pretty tough if they tried to keep them straight, but they don’t even try anymore. They just pull rhetorical 180 after rhetorical 180, not expecting that we’ll notice the narrative whiplash. 

At least Big Brother put some effort into it; our loser ruling class dorks just spew out whatever words they need to buttress the narrative at any given moment, fully expecting us Normals to forget that they were shrieking just the opposite into our faces ten minutes ago. This is a function of having a tongue-bath media at their beck and call ready to do their partisan bidding with neither question nor shame. They got lazy knowing no Officially Licensed and Approved Journalist was ever going to point out that what they are saying is all just a towering mound of human waste of the sort one might encounter strolling through the streets of Scat Francisco.

And Trump is a master of exploiting our elite’s combination of moral bankruptcy and intellectual sloth. Do you think he did not know exactly what he was doing when he tossed that “treason” grenade into the Democrat’s circle of investigatory onanism? He anticipated the freak out and, sure enough, the freaks duly complied by outing themselves. 

Trump said that the people trying to undue an election committed treason! This is the worst thing Trump has done since he committed EMOLUMENTS RUSSIA COLLUSION TREASON!


If you go on the Google machine and punch in “Trump committed treason,” you get 10,100,000 hits. Some of us recall that since about July 2016, among the idiots on the left, “Trump committed treason” was a thing, a very big thing, complete with the High Grand Marshal of the Supreme Court marching The Donald out of the White House in cuffs for his trial for aggravated treasoning. We must have missed the memo that made “treason” not a thing again – I guess us Normals are not on the distro list.

We need a billboard that gives the status of Democrat memes to help us keep updated on the Liberal Lie o’ the Day:

Promiscuous accusations of ‘treason’ are BAD effective at 0700 hours today and will continue to be BAD until further notice. Check here tomorrow for updates.

Trump tweeted a funny video of Nancy Pelosi channeling Foster Brooks like a boss, and now funny videos mocking political opponents are suddenly bad. Actually, the President of the United States was doing the Slurrer of the House a righteous solid. By accusing her of being drunker than screw-top Chardonnay aficionado Felonia Milhouse von Pantsuit on November 10, 2016, he was providing an explanation for the silly things she’s been babbling of late. It was a kindness. After all, if she wasn’t Schiff-faced, then what’s her excuse?


 With our glorious ruling class, it’s all lies, it’s all garbage, and Trump gleefully exposes it all. Mueller declares him innocent and the Democrats claim that this actually shows Trump is more guilty of whatever he didn’t do than they ever imagined. Who is the person who hears this and buys it? People notice when they are being scammed – well, not stupid liberal people who buy into nonsense like socialism, global warming and the idea that men can have babies, but Normal people do. What Trump is doing by highlighting their hapless hypocrisy is undermining not just the garbage policies that make up the Democrat dogma but the entire notion that our liberal elite somehow consists of our betters.

These people are not our betters. They are our worsers, our much, much worsers. These self-satisfied liberal swells and their cruise-shilling Fredocon collaborators brought us the Iraq War, the Wall Street collapse, and the last season of Game of Thrones. They are terrible, and one of the myriad things they are terrible at is lying to us.

But Trump is really good at highlighting the indisputable truth of their terribleness, and that’s why he’ll win again in 2020.

It’s clear that the liberals seek to install a Utopia built of envy, incompetence and lies. If you want to see the reality of a regime based on deceit, in the manner of watching a slow-motion car wreck, then check out my action-packed yet super-snarky novels about the United States’ split into red and blue countries, People's RepublicIndian Country and Wildfire. Liberals hate my novels. The sissy castaways from the Weekly Standard call them “Appalling.” So, obviously you’ll call them “Awesome.”


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