Vive La French Revolution 2.0 – And Our Own!

Posted: Dec 10, 2018 12:01 AM
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Vive La French Revolution 2.0 – And Our Own!

Yeah, I know conservatives are not supposed to be excited about change and disruption and actually accomplishing things, but you look at what the French people are doing and you have to think, “You tell those elitist jerks what’s what, Pierre!”

Those feisty frogs are sick and tired of being forced to sacrifice their francs (yeah, I know they use euros, but “franc” has a “k” sound so it’s funnier) on the carbon tax altar to Gaia, the false demigod worshipped by the smart set congregation of the creepy weather cult. Impoverish the peasants today to maybe make it a half degree cooler in 200 years? Non, monsieur! These angry French workers need that money for wine today!

Now, the protesting Parisians aren’t conservatives in the American sense – lots of their demands have a lefty vibe. But what they do share with us is how the abuse les deplorables have suffered mirrors the abuse America’s increasingly militant Normals have put up with. The French elite has kept dumping on them for decades, impoverishing them through economic mismanagement, cronyism, and corruption, changing their culture without bothering to ask permission through unlimited Third World immigration, and taxing them to increase elite wealth while stripping them of a say in their own government.

Sound familiar? 

Take away the cheese, the berets, and the ridiculous accents, then subtract Donald Trump, and what’s going down in France would be going down here. The difference is that we revolted at the ballot box. The French elected an insider who despises the people, and he carried the elite’s water. They had no choice but to submit or to take to the streets. In contrast, we elected an outsider who despises the elite. After all, Trump knows the elite intimately – they used to suck up to him for cash and he has nothing but contempt for their greed, incompetence and weakness.

We didn’t have to take to the streets to be heard. We had Trump tweeting on our behalf. He is our bad orange man riot.

But now the elite, with the aid of its catamite media and the Fredocon quisling crew, is doing everything it can to destroy this threat – the threat posed by us Normal people demanding a say in how our country is run.

So, what happens next? Bad stuff – and the dumber members of the elite will tell you their plans if you only listen. If you think our American elite is going to suddenly rediscover its obligation to work on behalf of Normals instead of using them as livestock, you haven’t been paying attention to just how arrogant and stupid our ruling class is. Look at their no-holds-barred quest to delegitimize and eliminate the challenge to their social grift posed by Donald Trump. But fortunately, he’s still there – no 67 senators are going to vote to impeach him because he paid off a couple of aging bimbos and, through some bizarre interpretation of “campaign finance laws” (which never seem to apply to the elite’s favorites), this is somehow THE WORST CRIME EVER TREASON EMOLUMENTS COLLUSION and MORE TREASON.

Remember when tacky sex wasn’t supposed to be an impeachable offense? Well, that was yet another special rule for establishment types. It doesn’t apply to someone the Normals elected. That there are so clearly two sets of laws in this country, one for them and one for us, is gasoline on the bonfire that our crappy elite has made out of the principles that provide the foundation of the great nation they inherited and that they are in the process of ruining. To the elite, they have to destroy this country to save it – for themselves.

While what’s happening in France has already happened here, in peaceful form, it may not stay peaceful. Until now, Trump voters have been our yellow vest people; they rioted on Election Day. But our genius betters, via a corrupt Department of Justice, want to take that peaceful outlet away, and they are seeking to do via the Mueller witch hunt what they couldn’t do by cheating at the polls. 

This leaves Normals no good options – submission or resistance. And our version of resistance, thanks to culture, geography and the Second Amendment, is much uglier than the Snooty-Waiterland model. The French have over-priced gas they can pour into their many, many empty cabernet bottles. We Americans? Well, we have 300 million-plus guns.

That’s scary. Our elite needs to back down instead of doubling down, but with leaders as unwise and malignant as Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit, is that realistic? Do you think any of our alleged superiors truly understand that Normals are not just going to give up participating in their own governance? If our elite betters actually got out of their kale-loving coastal enclaves once in a while, they might realize that.

But our stupid elite is so intent on retaining its own power, like France’s elite is, that it will make disruption inevitable. What form will this coming chaos take? Not a happy one, that’s for sure. I’ve written about it in my novel People’s Republic – the USA could very well split apart into two countries, one red and one blue. It’s prequel Indian Country shows what could happen in response to violent leftist repression. Now my third novel about America after it splits apart has dropped. Check out Wildfire and see what could very well happen if we fail to defend our freedom against our vicious elite that, like the deposed French Bourbon aristocracy, has learned nothing and forgotten nothing.