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The synchronized leftist response to this latest attack on normal Christians was pre-planned, and it didn’t matter that this time it was another militant atheist weirdo instead of an ISIS-loving foreigner. The memes and the lies were all prepped and ready, and the villain was already chosen. No surprise – once again, it was you, the normal American who keeps and bears arms to protect yourself, your family, your community and your Constitution.


But this time it didn’t go the way they wanted. Sure, they were giddy at first – the liberals got to trash people of faith for praying, they got to tell NRA members that there was blood on their hands, and they got to demand some sort of unspecified action. But then their lying narrative took a bunch of rounds and bled out just like that useless little creep.

That’s what they are really mourning – the loss of what they saw as an opportunity to spread their poisonous lies in support of their effort to disarm Americans and change us once and for all from citizens into subjects.

Some still found something to cheer about. One Twitter low-life pointed out, “Sutherland Springs is in rural Texas, these were all likely 45 voters. This is karma in action. Good riddance.” Yes, that’s the kind of person who wants you disarmed, the kind that thinks it’s A-OK to murder little kids because their parents might like a different candidate.

Show of hands. Who is up to give up your ability to protect yourself because the same people who celebrate us being murdered demand it? Anyone? Hello? Bueller?

Once the news hit, the ghouls rubbed their hands and started with their coordinated demands that we “do something.” But did you notice how no one said exactly what we were supposed to do? That’s their new thing – no specifics, just some sort of ambiguous, amorphous demand that we wave a magic wand and dispel evil from our midst. They’ve been burned before, hard. They always start babbling about background checks and it always turns out that the scumbag got his guns legally or passed the check when he shouldn’t have. This pudgy meat sack was barred from buying a weapon, but he passed the background check because the government – you know, the same entity the gun-grabbers want to be the only people with guns – again screwed up and failed to put his domestic violence conviction into the database. BTW, want to know how many attempted illegal gun buyers Obama’s DoJ prosecuted out of 48,000? 44.


I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling pretty confident. I’m sure eventually the government will figure out how to tell if a nut or a felon is a nut or a felon. In the meantime, I don’t need the ability to protect myself or my family. Here, take my guns. Government, you got this.

Then, of course, the killing spree got stopped by the very thing that liberals insist doesn’t exist except for all the times it has existed – a good guy with a gun. A Texan exhibiting something liberals are unfamiliar with – manhood – took his rifle and went one-on-one with that walking chamber pot and put a round in him. The tubby terrorist, confronted with an armed American citizen instead of little kids, dropped his rifle and ran, gut shot. Let’s hope he suffered good and hard before he checked himself out like the coward he was.

It gets better, though it’s hard to imagine anything better than him with a bullet in his ample belly. The hero who plugged him was not only one of the normal Americans our fern-fertilizing betters in the coastal cities are so fond of looking down upon, but he was an NRA shooting instructor. You know, the focus of evil in the world – except he actually confronted evil and defeated it.

Bullseye, right between the eyes of the lying liberal narrative.

And as their narrative twitched, they still had to display their ignorance for the world. Professional anti-gun liar Shannon Watts really knows her audience – drooling idiots. She claimed, “That means he’s prohibited purchaser, but there’s absolutely no regulation of long guns (AR15s) in Texas. No background check required.” Um, no. And leave it to Alyssa Milano to parrot her pal’s lies: “There are no background checks on long guns (AR15s) in Texas. Thanks for the info @shannonrwatts.” Alyssa, time for some real talk. You need a better firearms advisor, just like you need a better tax advisor.


Oh, and the social media rando platoon piped up with their useful input. One suggested, “No one should have semiautomatics and large ammo rounds.” Time for some commonsense large ammo round control, I guess. That’s the kind of smart take by a trained pro worth listening to, says Chet, who is my unicorn.

These events are an opportunity for clarity. They bring out exactly what is in the hearts of our elite would-be masters. And what is in there is hate and contempt for normal Americans. From Hollywood, we got Michael McKean weighing in with, “They were in church. They had the prayers shot right out of them. Maybe try something else.” You know, I was thinking about no longer watching Better Call Saul because it turned Saul into a boring whiner, but now Mikey’s made my decision easy!

And then Wil Wheaton, who you might know if you watched some Star Trek show where he was a Spock or a Jedi knight or something three decades ago, tweeted, “The murdered victims were in a church. If prayers did anything, they'd still be alive, you worthless sack of [liberalism].” You know, I was thinking about no longer watching whatever he’s in, but Wil’s total lack of a career made my decision easy!

And what’s a tragedy without anti-Christian hack Stephen King weighing in? “Enough with the prayin'. Time to start legislatin'.” Well, I reckon someone’s drinkin’ again.

So, let’s review. We’re supposed to demand laws that make it illegal for human suppositories like this to have guns, even though it was already illegal for him to have guns. We’re supposed to rely on government background checks to protect us even though the government keeps failing at that. We’re also supposed to disarm at the behest of people who know literally nothing about guns or existing gun laws. And we’re supposed to not believe that we have the ability to defend ourselves, even though normal Americans do so every day – here, an instructor from the NRA literally ended this bloodbath. But we should ignore that for reasons and because.


But wait, there’s more. We’re supposed to disarm in the face of people who celebrate when we are murdered. The Hollywood types, taking a break from molesting each other, didn’t exactly celebrate our deaths, but they couldn’t help spewing their hatred for our faith. I bet if we were disarmed, and a government controlled by liberals had a total monopoly on force, they’d be totally cool and respect our religious rights. I checked with Chet and he thinks so – it’s not like right now they want to bankrupt people for not baking cakes.

Here’s the sad fact – the people who want us disarmed don’t care if we get murdered. Not at all. Chicago has a slow motion Sutherland Springs every two weeks and the smarmy Democrats who run that hellhole don’t care. If they did, they would unleash the cops, who know exactly who the crooks are. Remember how liberals howled about “stop and frisk?” That took illegal guns off the streets, but progressive politics always take precedence. Our lives don’t matter except as a tool to be exploited when they want to take normals’ rights.

Our elite doesn’t want gun control. It wants us control.

It’s no coincidence that the “common sense” measures they used to demand would never stop any of these killers. Killers are killers – they don’t care about the law. Only we do. And the gun fascists don’t care if we are at the killers’ mercy – that’s a risk they’re happy to take.

They lie when they tell you, “No one want to ban your guns.” They think you are too stupid to believe your ears when they advocate just that. Let’s be absolutely clear – if they had their way, that NRA instructor hero would not have had a gun, because he is a law-abiding citizen. But the killer would, because he was a criminal and criminals don’t obey laws. If you think we can ban guns and get them out of the hands of criminals, you’re a moron or a liar. If they don’t smuggle them in – gee, isn’t there a drug crisis? - they’ll just make them.


Of course, that assumes that liberals win the civil war they would spark and somehow manage to confiscate all 300 million of our guns. I’m not betting on Kaden or Ashleigh taking time off from coffee-slinging or their Feminist Mime masters studies to suit up in Kevlar and kick in doors in Red America.

Liberals so desperately want us disarmed because they hate that we hold a veto over their Venezuelan dreams. But they also want us disarmed because they hate us, and they yearn to break us and humiliate us and make us give in. When you own a weapon and can defend yourself and your rights, you are a citizen. When you do not, you are a subject. Your dignity gnaws at them.

They want to convince you to submit, but that only happens if you allow it. Their tool is the narrative, but a proud American with courage and a rifle just shot their narrative dead. And that’s the real reason the gun grabbers are grieving.

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