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Mr. President, we should take it with an iceberg of salt because it came from CNN, but word is out you are considering flipping a major bird to your conservative supporters.


The establishment that sneered at you – that still sneers at you– couldn’t beat you or the movement of the unheard and uncared for who propelled you into office past smug losers like Hillary and Jeb. So the establishment is trying to convince you to beat yourself.

And they are laughing at you – not to your face, but out of sight, in the offices and corridors of power they now infest again. All laughing because you’re letting them make a fool out of you.


Ric Grenell (who I know) is a Christian conservative and gay man beloved by the conservative base, a guy who has diplomatic experience standing up for our country at the UN and who would be perfect for bringing your much-needed message that it’s a brand new day to NATO as the ambassador.

Well, it seems that was your old message, because apparently you’ve decided to exhume ancient Jeb supporter Kay Bailey Who Dat? Hutchison and diss a real conservative who has taken to Fox (where he’s a contributor) and social media (where he takes no crap) to defend you tooth and nail. Instead of rewarding a loyal fighter, and your loyal supporters, you’ve let the clique of hacks surrounding you play you for a sucker.

Does anyone think Kay Bailey Wimpcon Hutchison is going to stand-up to the Europrogs? Grenell would. Whatshername is going to nod, sip her tea, and get rolled like a drunken sailor on payday.

It gets better. On the very day you made the arguably reasonable tactical decision to allow four more months of baby-killer funding in the continuing resolution, CNN reports you decided to betray a loyal ally for some washed-up, Jeb-hugging nobody who didn’t even merit a footnote in the Senate’s history and who – seriously – is pro-abortion.


Way to send the message that we conservatives are disposable. And believe me, we read it loud and clear. Next time, save us all the trouble and just tweet out “Hey conservatives – who needs you? Kiss my Pelosi! Sad!”

This isn’t the first time this has come up. It’s not one or two examples of loyal performers who share your vision finding themselves kicked aside in favor of some low energy frat boy who spent the election season trading email jokes about the size of the potential POTUS’s paws with his Bushie buddies while your supporters were out there sweating for you.

Where’s Anthony Scaramucci, the guy who stood up to the rest of Wall Street to back you, who sold his company to serve? Nowhere, but hey – the Goldman Sachs boys are in the West Wing, fresh from writing Hillary fat checks.

Steve Bannon’s hanging on, for now. All he gave up to help you was his reputation–he got trashed as a racist and a Nazi, but endured it to help make real the vision of a White House that actually cares for Americans between I-95 and I-5. Rumor has it he might get shipped out to the Heritage Foundation. That’s not a step down – that’s being pushed off a cliff.

And us conservatives along with him.

That isn’t all. I’ve spoken to several people, and heard of many more, who got out there and made it happen for you in the election, who helped bring in the most incredible win in American political history in the face of overwhelming odds. And they were ready to leave their comfortable, profitable lives to serve in your administration in making sure your vision becomes a reality. But they weren’t even asked.


Instead, the key jobs these loyalists should have gotten – not because they were loyal but because they actually believe in the conservative vision you articulated – instead went to preppy creeps who snicker about you, and who mock the regular Americans who are counting on you to help rescue them from the nightmare the establishment inflicted upon them.

But you pick Kay Bailey Jebbuddy Hutchison, who we all know sneered at you, who likely didn’t even vote for you?


Neil Gorsuch was an A+ grand slam touchdown, but if you look at the list of potential circuit court judges, many of them are just friends of political hacks who went to the same liberal schools and can be relied on, once they are safely ensconced in a lifetime leather chair, to feel free to teach that uppity Trump and his unwashed masses their place.

We’ll know where you stand if we see transformative conservative rockstar Justice Don Willett on that list – if your lame staff ever bothers to get it out – or if we see a bunch of RINO politicians’ donor buddies.

We conservatives are hyper-sensitive to the potential for betrayal because of a long and painful experience with the RINO leeches who are now manipulating you, Mr. President. And we’ve given you a lot of leeway. We can wait a little while to get the Obamacare repeal right, and we can put off the budget fight over the wall and defunding liberal shibboleths until September. But this is spitting in our faces.


Right in our faces. Is that what you want? Because that’s what you’re doing.

Mr. President, ask those Gucci loafer-wearing November 9th neoTrumpfans surrounding you this question: “So, when we toss away the loyal conservatives, what are the names of the centrists and liberals who we are going to win over to take their place?”

The names – what are the names of these mysterious new supporters who will replace the loyal conservatives you’ve driven away?

There aren’t any.

Ric Grenell would have been a terrific future GOP leader who demonstrates what a truly big tent you helped create, a superstar for a new Republican Party. But Mr. President, you let him hang out there, in limbo; will you now humiliate him by selecting a pumped up nothing-Whataburger who was nobody when she was still somebody?

If this is not how the next four years will go – because if you screw us over there’s no eight years – tell us now. Not with words. Don’t bother with a tweet. Show us, with actions. Stop this madness. Appoint Grenell – it’s not too late to win.

So far you’ve done some great things, and you are blessed with hilariously inept enemies. But the one opponent you can’t beat is yourself. That’s why they are trying to manipulate you – because only you can defeat you.

Are you going to let yourself be played?

Do you want to go down in history as a loser?

If your reaction to seeing your buddy Arnold’s miserable failure is “Oh yeah? Hold my near beer!” just keep on stiffing your friends and hanging with the “cool” kids who are laughing at you behind your back.


Or you can say “No.” You can take charge. You can tell the K Street Krew and the Squish Squadron how it’s going to be. You spent your life dealing with old money jerks who laughed at you for who you are and what you did. Until now, you played them. Not vice versa. They were never your friends, and they aren’t now.

Choose to lead, not be led.

Choose loyalty to you and the cause, not the wormtongued advice of craven creeps.

Choose to be a winner, not pathetic.

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