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It’s annoying to be lied to, even if you get paid to be lied to, but being lied to is merely an insult. The liar thinks you’re stupid enough to fall for it. That’s annoying, but you can get over being insulted, particularly if you make a suggestion like “Save your lies for your idiot pals back at the coffee shop,” or note that “Maybe you hang out with a lot of morons at Gumbo State University’s School of Oppression Studies, but you need to stop talking to me before I slug you in the goatee.” And then you are done.


But if they can make you lie, then they are on the way to breaking you.

And that’s what today’s liberals seek to do to us, the decent, the employable, the normal. In a move that stunned America, Vox recently ran a long piece that made sense. It was titled The Smug Style in American Liberalism and it took the left to task for its utterly baseless conviction that it is morally and intellectually superior to the people who actually built, supported and defended this country. Though the author can’t bring himself to actually contradict any liberal scripture, its point is that liberals, for reasons which defy all evidence and experience, are convinced that they are smart and we are dumb. But the article also fails to fully explore progressives’ psychotic need to force us normals to bend to their will.

They want to break us, to make us love Big Brother. As the socialists knew (the real socialists, not the Fairness Gnomes and Equality Elves of the collective imagination of the Bernie Boobs), one of the most powerful means of control and domination is to humiliate and demoralize your opponents by forcing them to deny the truth. Hence the left’s fixation on enforcing political correctness and its use as a tool to force us to bend to the libs’ collectivist collective will by making us repeat obvious untruths.

It’s not unlike the comrades in the old USSR who sang songs about the glories of socialism, hailing the stunning success of the latest five year plan but then returning to their cold, cramped quarters to wash down their stale bread ration with retina-risking black market vodka that Ivan from Medium Industrial Equipment Factory No. 27 distilled in the radiator of his VAZ-2101. By making you lie about the wonders of Bernie’s honeymoon destination in contrast to the squalid objective reality before your eyes, you became complicit in the Soviets’ regime of lies.


And leftist lies are all around us here today. Today, truth-telling is a revolutionary act of insurgency. So let’s fight the power.

No, all men are not rapists. And no, there is no such thing as rape culture. One in five college students isn’t raped at college, and no, regretting six months and one gender studies seminar later that you eagerly suggested double-teaming a couple of TKEs after swilling a pint of Jack Daniels isn’t rape either. Just ask Haven Monaghan. Now try to go say that on some campus.

What they call “climate change” this week is a lie. The Earth is not getting significantly warmer because of human activity, nor are the ice caps melting and the polar bears and cuddly little penguins dying.

“Renewable” energy is technologically and economically unviable. Tesla’s don’t run on electricity; they run on fossil fuels that gets burned to create electricity. The climate scam is just the latest way for leftists to pry more of our money and sovereignty from us, like the ice age scam, the acid rain scam and the ozone hole scam.

But you better not say so. John Oliver might demolish you in an epic takedown on that show no one watches that comes on after Veep.

Of course, sometimes liberals’ sanctions are more like rewards. All we have to do to keep Michael Moore at bay, to ward off wizened hacks like Springsteen and to avoid Pearl Jams’ tiresome wailings is state the obvious truth that if you were born with a penis, you’re a man? Count me in.


Look, we feel terrible about your very real feelings that you aren’t the sex you are, and we don’t want to add to your pain, but the truth is the truth and we are not cruel or terrible or inaccurate when we refuse to pretend a delusion is reality. You can dope yourself with chemicals and submit to surgical mutilation, but there are things called chromosomes and they make the call. Chromosomes fall into the category of something called “science” – you know, that thing you libs say we conservatives hate when we refuse to believe Bill Nye when he frets that a three day heat wave in Phoenix foretells a fiery global apocalypse? Regardless, our wives and daughters are not going to endure creepy pervs – we’re really mostly worried about skeevy straight men pretending to be trans so they can get their jollies lurking in women’s toilets – so that we can somehow prove ourselves compliant with a God-free liberal moral code that encourages us to shout ever more eagerly that the Emperor’s new clothes are fabulous.

Crime is caused by criminals, and despite what we learned on Law and Order, the perp is rarely if ever the born again Christian businessman.

No, you shouldn’t be proud to be an unemployed high school dropout with four kids by five different fathers.

Yes, far too many illegals come here not to work but to commit crimes. You could ask Kate Steinle about that, but she’s dead.

There. Those are objective truths, but objective truth is irrelevant to the left. They need you to lie because when you lie you hand them power. And if you refuse to lie, if you try and rely on the fact that the facts support a different conclusion, then you will be hounded and persecuted. But if they can make you lie, then they have broken you.


Oh well. So we have a fight ahead of us, a fight pitting lies against truth, and comfort against our self-respect. So let’s fight.

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