Conservatives, Unleash the Awesome Power of “No”

Posted: Apr 27, 2015 12:01 AM
Conservatives, Unleash the Awesome Power of “No”

We decent Americans are bombarded with lies, libeled, and subjected to petty (and, increasingly, not so petty) tyrannies by government flunkies. At every turn, liberals and their suck-ups in the media and academia seek to delegitimize our interests, concerns, and opinions. They want us to submit, to take the easy way out, to just go along. Our fate, they decree, is cultural and political dhimmitude.

Well, it’s time to draw a red line and, unlike President Feckless and the Wimptones, to enforce it.

Conservatives, it’s time to say, “No.”

No, liberals, you can’t just lie about us anymore without us pushing back. The days of surrender in the face of your slander are over.

No, liberals, you are the racists. Your party created the Klan. Your party created and enforced Jim Crow. Those weren’t Republicans beating black skulls in Selma – they were Democrats. Bull Connor was a union-loving populist and a delegate to a Democrat National Convention. You liberals elected a KKK member as your Senate Majority Leader and then made him your President Pro Tempore, and you did it in this century.

I repeat, in this century.

Your Democrat party relies on racial divisions, lies, and hatred. Quick, which party would fold tomorrow if racial hatred suddenly evaporated – the party that seeks to limit government and to empower every individual to create his own success, or the party that seeks to grow government to more lavishly hand out scraps to buy votes?

No, liberals, you are the sexists, the ones offering up as your nominee a corrupt, accomplishment-free punchline who got where she is solely by being hitched to a successful man. Anyone else without her plumbing but with her track record of failure would be lucky to be consigned to the Martin O’Malley tier of primary candidate asterisks. If there really was a glass ceiling, a bar exam-flunking, ethically bankrupt hack like Hillary would need a ladder to reach it if she wasn’t already standing on Bill’s shoulders.

You don’t merely tolerate sexism – you reward it. Your demigod Teddy Kennedy didn’t just treat women like trash. He killed one by leaving her to drown alone in the wet, cold dark while he slinked away to his team of Democrat sycophants to sober up and hatch the lies that helped him avoid justice. And you don’t care. You made him a liberal icon.

Then there’s Bill Clinton, Count No. 1 in the lengthy felony fraud indictment of liberal “feminism.” You pretended to be outraged by Anita Hill’s pubic hair/Coke can lies but, like your future nominee, you bent over backwards to enable the gropey, handsy antics of this presidential pervert. And, of course, the real reason you hated Clarence Thomas wasn’t bogus harassment claims – it was because he is black, and it kills you to think a black man might succeed without your approval and “help.”

No, Mainstream Media, we are not swallowing the lies you pass off as the truth. And no, you can’t have our money or our viewership. Liberal newspapers? Subscriptions cancelled. Let’s see you make a profit with only the rabid coastal elitists reading your little Pravdas. Television? Sorry CNN, you’re going to have to find some other suckers to stare at your turgid coverage of Hillary buying a burrito bowl. We’ll watch Jake Tapper because he’ll try to be straight even if he disagrees with us, but the rest of you can go catfight with the nobodies at MSNBC over the eyeballs of the Manhattan/Hollywood/San Francisco axis. Have at it, champs; divvy up that big 0.2 nightly share of cable-loving pinkos.

Oh, and MSNBC, why don’t you ask your chiseling hosts to pay their damn taxes? We’re getting tired of them running their mouths demanding pay-offs for deadbeat Democrat constituents and then handing us the bill.

No, modern academia, we are not going keep subsidizing the progressive fantasylands that are the colleges of today. It’s more than the fact that technology has made the idea of giant campuses full of hungover sophomores listening to droning professors in 500-seat lecture halls fiscally impossible. It’s also that we’re sick of funding hordes of due process-hating parasites who think that you can count as “education” seminars like “Leave It to Beaver? Questions of LGBT Intersectionality and Gender Identity in 50s Sit-Coms.”

And we’re sick of funding your war upon our kids for the crime of being normal. If our kids are male, you hate them and call them “rapists” even as you gush over rapist-apologist Hillary. If our kids are Christian or Jewish, you want to treat them like outcasts for not worshipping your false gods. And you want to shut them up by empowering campus freaks who shriek that our kids’ dissenting views make them feel “unsafe.”

Tick-tock, the era of the computer college education is coming to an end. Maybe you can find new jobs in the shrinking classified ad sections of those liberal newspapers you still read.

No, liberals, we refuse to go along and be complicit in the suicide of our culture and our country. Your long-term strategy has been to browbeat us into acquiescence, to pester, prod, and persecute us into silence and submission. And why? Because your only power over us is what power we allow you to have.

Unlike your leftist heroes elsewhere, American leftists have no army of willing murderers to enforce your sick vision at the point of a gun – except in Wisconsin, and the spotlight’s on that now, you scurrying cockroaches.

Just remember that most of you can’t even guess correctly which end of a gun goes “bang.” So you have to depend upon us normal people going along, of not resisting, of just giving up.

Well, we aren’t giving up. We’re on to you. We’re fighting back. And here’s our battle cry: