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With the immigration scam well underway in Washington, the only real takeaway for the outside observer is that the Beltway Establishment truly thinks we are idiots. There is no other way to explain the Establishment’s tsunami of faulty premises, bogus clichés, moronic advertisements and bald-faced lies.


There is no immigration “crisis.” It’s not a “crisis” when people who shouldn’t be here anyway don’t have all the privileges of people who do have a right to be here.

That’s how it should be.

There are a lot of people who shouldn’t be here who are here, but this is a “problem,” not a “crisis.” They’ve been here for decades, since the last immigration reform fraud failed. Oddly, the solution offered by the reformers to the problem of people being here who shouldn’t be here in the first place is to let these people here who shouldn’t be here stay here.

That’s like a guy going to the doctor saying he wants to lose weight and the doctor writing him a prescription for a dozen Big Macs.

All the Establishment feeds us is lies. If the reformers are so intent on securing the border, why isn’t it secure right now? Why does that have to wait until we somehow let the last bunch of people who scoffed at our sovereignty get on their pathway to citizenship before we take the most basic step any nation must take to be a nation at all – to protect our borders?

The answer is simple – they don’t want to secure the border, they never have wanted to secure the border, and they never will secure the border, at least until forced to do so, and then only grudgingly and while employing every passive aggressive tool they can to subvert doing so.

And they’ll even tell you they have no intention of securing the border – provided you speak Spanish.


To convince us of the vital need to immediately, this minute, right now, no time to think about it, pass their thousand-page wish list of immigration giveaways we get clichés. Facts? Numbers? No, we get told we must do it because illegals need to “come out of the shadows.”

The hell they do. If you shouldn’t be here you should be in the shadows.

We get told that bringing in some untold millions of low-skill immigrants – 30 million or more – will “help our economy.” Let’s assume that’s true. Let’s even assume what we all know is a lie, that none of these people will be able to cash in on the welfare state that already pays too much money to freeloaders who have a right to be here.

So how much money, in dollars, will this bounty bring each of us? I know it will help crony corporatists who want a docile, dirt-cheap labor force. But what’s in it for us regular people?

That’s a legitimate question, and I’ve never heard the straight answer we deserve. After all, this is my country, and adding a zillion new voters will dilute my voting rights, so I’m giving up something. What I am giving up is really, really valuable to me – American citizenship.

I may have been lucky enough to be born into my citizenship, but I earned it in two wars. And my wife and her family – who respected the United States enough to ask for permission to become citizens and then either served in uniform or saw-off family members to war to defend her – earned it too.


So, when we ask why we should just give citizenship away to people who have already disrespected us by coming here uninvited, we deserve an answer, and not some cliché or vague platitude either. If this is going to benefit us, we want to know exactly how, and how much. Then we’ll know if it’s also in our best interest to do it.

But we won’t get an answer. The fact is that this is not meant to benefit us. It’s meant to benefit the Establishment. We just get to pick up the tab.

“Trust us,” they say. The IRS, the NSA, reporter subpoenas, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Obamacare: I'm done trusting the Establishment.

So we get those ubiquitous advertisements on conservative shows to try and fool us into signing on. The one from the weirdly-named, liberal front group “Americans for a Conservative Direction” offers the usual lies about securing the border first. They think they can distract us from the prize – citizenship for millions of future Democrat voters.

Why again am I morally obligated to allow a bunch of people who shouldn’t be here in the first place to vote when I know, and you know, and everyone knows, they will vote en masse for my political opponents?

I wish the GOP Establishment was as intent on destroying liberalism as it seems to be on destroying conservatism.

Maybe “comprehensive reform” is what Jesus commands in some chapter of the New Testament that none of my ministers have ever mentioned, perhaps the Book of Mario or the Gospel According to Chuck. That’s the message of the most obnoxious ad, the one that assumes Christian conservatives are morons who will fall for anything pushed by a quivering-voiced “evangelical” babbling about prayers. This simpering woman sounds like she’s about to burst into tears as she asserts that Christ commands us to give away the store to the illegals.


Maybe in your Bible, lady, but not mine.

I’d be insulted that the people behind these cheesy ploys think we are that dumb, except those coastal enclave Establishment types know nothing about us at all. Well, except for one thing – they know that we are the only obstacle to them pushing through this obnoxious, ruinous disaster.

They are scared of us, because they know that our representatives fear us and our votes more than they fear the Establishment. So they lie to us, try to rush through their scheme, and trick us into just letting it happen.

There is no immigration “crisis.” The only “crisis” is the one faced by an Establishment that needs millions of new voters to cling to power because millions of real Americans are waking up to the nightmare they have created.


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