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Will Democrats, Media and Big Tech Commit to a Peaceful Continuation of Power?

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AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

The Democrat Party’s mouthpiece, the mainstream media, has been relentlessly demanding a “peaceful transfer of power.” For weeks, we have been told repeatedly that President Trump will not commit to relinquishing power.


The president does not owe anyone a commitment because he has not done anything to suggest that he will not respect the results of the election. The Left, however, has outright threatened, planned, and prepared to riot in the streets if President Trump wins re-election. In fact, Hillary Clinton publicly stated Joe Biden not to concede under any circumstances. I have yet to hear the media demanding that Democrats commit to a peaceful continuation of power.

Instead, the headlines are that the Trump Administration is threatening to stop the riots. Threatening? This is not a threat. Quashing violent and destructive riots is called keeping the peace and maintaining law and order. We expect our elected officials to stop the destruction of private property, the defacement of public statues, and the burning of our cities.

Why is the media still calling these destructive riots “mostly peaceful protests”? This is the same mainstream media that has tried for four years to undermine President Trump. Night after night, we were bombarded with “Russia collusion” and claims of a “stolen election” when evidence now suggests it was actually former Vice President, Joe Biden, who engaged in corrupt international schemes that jeopardize American security.

The Democrats have wasted a mountain of taxpayer dollars trying to impeach President Trump on baseless charges. They have blamed him for everything from hurricanes to Covid and used every means possible to remove him from office because they didn’t like the results of the 2016 election.

The American people are tired of it. We do not want our hard-earned money being wasted on fabricated charges, impeachment witch hunts and smear campaigns aimed at taking down a duly elected president. We’re fed up with media lies and propaganda and Big Tech’s all-out war to silence us all.


Facebook and Twitter still claim they are “platforms” and that we have a choice. What choice? They are massive monopiles using their personal wealth to make sure no Constitutional conservative is elected and utilize their mammoth platforms to seal the deal. Even moms are being blocked from posting, having posts flagged by politically motivated “fact checks,” and being silenced in the new public square.

Censoring moms is the biggest tip-off that this election isn’t about President Trump. The media elites and radical groups planning to riot are opposed to what President Trump stands for. It is the president’s record of pro-America, pro-family, pro-life leadership that is igniting organic rallies all across America. Americans love him because he loves America. So, when the media, Democrat politicians, Hollywood and Big Tech attack the president, they are attacking everything America stands for. When they say the president is racist, they are saying anyone who supports him is a racist.  

The American people are not stupid. We may have been asleep at the wheel, but the blinding lights of the oncoming car have woken us up big time! Even Millennials are taking to social media to express their disdain. Minority communities are speaking out against the noise and nonsense and moms, well, we’re completely fed up with the absurdity of it all. Even Democrats are walking away.

Liberals and leftist media have demanded a peaceful transfer of power. If President Trump wins, we will expect a peaceful continuance of power. No matter what the outcome on November 3rd, we want and deserve a swift and peaceful resolution. It is time for us to come together as a people and stop allowing the media and self-serving politicians to divide us. Our legacy of liberty is only possible with the Constitution; it is that document that protects the divine, inherent rights of every American and unites us as a people.


Just hours after Julia Jackson’s son was shot by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin, this sweet mother gave a powerful plea that should echo in the hearts of every American. “Please,” she said, “let’s begin to pray for healing for our nation. We are United States. Have we been united? Do you understand what’s going to happen when we fall? Because a house that is against each other cannot stand.”

It is my humble prayer that out of the ashes of this tumultuous year, we will turn to God, that we will rise up stronger, kinder, as a united people and that “this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

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