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Neil Postman famously said, “Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.” After watching all the chaos, confusion, and contention being promoted in our culture today, I have to wonder what message we’re sending. 


We are at a critical time in our culture. Our children are under constant assault; from gender confusion to global warming guilt. Our kids are bombarded with messages that tell our boys they are rapists in the making and our girls they will always be victims. White privilege is taught in schools, promoting racism, making white kids feel guilty and black kids feel like they’ll never succeed. Students are not expected to pledge the flag and are actually celebrated when they disrespect it. They’re encouraged to walk out of school for political protests and questioned, or even punished, when they don’t. Is it any wonder our kids are confused and frustrated?

But all is not lost. Something pretty amazing is brewing in America and it is coming from our youth. On March 14th, when Women’s March pink-hatted protestors tried to use our kids to create chaos to protest gun violence, millions of kids across America latched onto a better message. #WalkUpNotOut spread like wildfire across the nation. Why?  Because our kids are hungering for a better message. They’re tired of being told they're killing the planet and there’s nothing they can do about it; that racism will never end, women will always be victims, and America is the worst country in the world. And they are starting to stand up and say so. 

One courageous student from Moses Lake High School in Washington gave a riveting speech to her fellow students encouraging them to be nice to each other.

Angelica Mansfield echoed the thoughts of many students around the country gravitating around the “Walk Up, Not Out” campaign. “We’re teenagers,” she said. “You should say that you love your neighbor. You should be there for them, sit with them at lunch. I don’t see why it’s so hard to be nice. And care. And love each other. Like, it’s not hard.” 


Angelica was the only student to speak at her High School walkout and her speech has gone viral so it obviously resonates. Angelica told a local news station, “Right after my speech there was a girl that came up to me and she started crying and she hugged me, talking about how all the stuff I said was stuff she couldn't say.”

Angelica’s message was powerful and positive, much different from the negative attacks flooding the newsfeeds. Many students took advantage of the day to riot and incite violence. A Wal-Mart in Chicago was vandalized, a student in Minnesota was assaulted for carrying a Trump flag, and in Tennessee students ripped down an American flag in riotous protest. Watching the video, it looked and sounded a lot like the Women’s March—which makes sense they are the ones that spearheaded the walk out. 

From school shootings to transgender bathrooms, feminists are on the wrong side of every issue when it comes to protecting our children and maintaining a free society. It is heartbreaking to see how callously they use our kids to promote their radical destruction of America. If this wasn’t a political grandstand then why were students who didn’t want to participate suspended and a teacher who simply asked a question placed on administrative leave? 

This isn’t the first time kids have been used to overthrow a government. Hitler realized the power of capturing young hearts and minds with his Hitler Youth program. “He alone who owns the youth owns the future,” Hitler declared. Lenin, too, realized the power of indoctrinating youth. “Give me four years to teach the children,” he contended, “and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”


Mao Zedong was extremely successful in using youth to overthrow the government. He used media propaganda to ignite a cultural revolution. Students throughout China began to revolt against their government leaders. Classes were cancelled and schools closed. They held mass demonstrations in the capital holding giant portraits of Mao, beating drums and shouting slogans at their perceived enemies. Sound familiar? 

Mao purposely created chaos and disorder to steer the direction of the movement just like feminists and their cohorts are doing today. Mao’s “organic chaos” mobilized student-led riots on a path to destroy everything “old;” vandalizing historical sites, tearing down monuments, burning books, and destroying libraries full of historic texts. This is where we’re headed if we don’t start sending a better message to the youth of America. This feminist mantra is toxic and the Destroyers of Liberty will win if we don’t wake up to the danger of the disastrous path we’re on and start countering this darkness and deception with truth and light. 

As Walter Williams said, "To acquire civil knowledge as well as civic virtue, students need to care about their country."  

That’s a really good place to start. Let’s start teaching our kids what’s good about America. Let’s teach them why the Constitution is such an incredible document worth defending. Let’s give them back their identity, their history and heritage and help them realize they can do hard things and that trials and challenges make them stronger. 


Let’s train them in humanity. Teach them the moral code of right and wrong, the positive attributes of honesty, humility, patriotism, accepting responsibility, and the selfless standards of love thy neighbor, the golden rule, and country before self. That is a positive message that has the power to sustain a free and civil society. “Walk Up, Not Out” was a counter revolution to the chaos. 

Angelica Mansfield was just one student who stood up to call for more kindness and civility. The standing ovation she received from her fellow students proves it is a message they are hungering for.

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