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With literally hours to days to go in a landmark federal case before the Supreme Court, a tragic and peculiar shooting occurs leaving 13 innocent victims shot, 10 of them fatally.


Here’s what the media has already reported:

  1. The shooter was white.

  2. Most the shooter’s victims were black.

  3. The shooter drove over 200 miles.

  4. The shooter used an AR-15.

  5. The shooter left behind a manifesto.

  6. The shooter had planned the attack since January.

  7. The shooter was going to take his life but surrendered.

  8. The shooter lived in “Trump Country.”

In less than 24 hours the media has established that profile without the laptop owned by said shooter. The media claims the manifesto is so detailed that it provides absolute corroborated proof that the arrested is the shooter. That shooter used the “popular AR15” so commonly reported to be used in mass shootings — even on occasions when it has not been. And most importantly to the New York Times and the Washington Post, that “somehow” former President Trump’s name could be attached to the story. Hence why Zack Williams, Patrick Reilly in reporting the story were so eager to get a resident of the shooter’s hometown on the record to say said town was “Trump Country.”

The media is also readily pointing to the SCOTUS case about to be handed down that could legalize open carry across New York State or possibly all of America depending on how broadly the justices decide the framer’s use of the term “bear arms” was intended.

Similar to the reaction to the leak from last week indicating a cultural shift maybe be coming on Roe v. Wade, the New York State gun case has pro-gun control forces wringing their hands at the prospect of US citizens carrying the firearms with them into everyday life.


The media was not interested in reporting that despite laws on the New York State books the shooter violated as many as 12-15 state statutes. (Obviously the restrictive laws worked so well.) Or that he did not legally own or possess the gun used. You know those famous AR15’s?

They also failed to recognize that on any given weekend young black men (about his same age) come from neighborhoods that overwhelmingly voted for *President Biden (some neighborhoods in higher percentages than there were people to vote for him.) They failed to mention that in just 2022 alone Chicago PD are reporting on average 43 people being shot by said youths every single weekend with more than 900 already shot year to date.

The media hasn’t mentioned that in Buffalo generally speaking but in that grocery store specifically that all the victims were shot in a “gun free zone.” So much so that though they mention the fact that the shooter’s first victim was a “security guard” on site, they failed to mention that the security guard’s most lethal defense weapon was a flashlight.

The shooting that took the lives of ten Americans is being cast as a shooting that took the lives of black people. Even though there were multiple white victims.

The shooter who was filled with murderous contempt for his fellow citizens is being reduced to “being white.”


The circumstances that allowed him to be successful from stealing his parents car, to the stolen weapon he used, to act of killing his fellow citizens were crafted in a nation, state and municipality that are all exhibiting a “soft on crime” approach that serves no real inducement to not commit these acts.

All of this while the media uses this tragedy to blame a President who’s not in office, and a Supreme Court they wish to intimidate.

Make no mistake friends our nation is in a battle for our very soul, definition, and basic right to exist.

And when they have succeeded in taking away all the rights of lawful citizens, then the rights of the elected elites and the rights of the illegal and criminal that keep them there will be the only rights to still exist.

Prove me wrong.

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