The MAGA Five

Posted: Feb 14, 2021 12:28 PM
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The MAGA Five

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Now that Nancy Pelosi has again utterly failed in her attempt to have one former president removed from office for life, the nation has a seismic shift that it is even now undertaking.

What of life after the Trump presidency?

It's the first month the Biden administration is in office and the Democrat-controlled Congress chose to shine a spotlight on the past as opposed to laying out a clear vision for the future.

Sure, Dr. Susan Rice has been busy printing out executive actions as fast as President Unsteady could make his way out to sign them. And yes, some of them are already being challenged by states like Texas and Florida. Some of them will not survive but a few are already having a detrimental impact on the jobs picture and more to come.

Without the former president to upstage them in the nightly news the bumbling, stumbling, oddballs that have moved into power now have no cover for their lack of policy, direction, and most importantly—results.

I’m sorry but the average American doesn’t look at the exporting of abortion access or the insistence of otherwise incapable males competing against females as somehow the equivalent of clear policy on COVID, the economy, or China and trade.

The average Democrat may desperately want to have a deranged “orange man bad” distraction to point to but they don’t. Not anymore.

Realizing this presents an immediate opportunity for the “America First” agenda. This must be engaged without a speck of time lost.

Election Integrity

Without undoing the nefarious activity of state level assemblies—some because of opportunistic Democrats, but largely due to lazy Republicans—“COVID Era” emergency powers need to be rolled back. But beyond that transparent and accountable voting systems must replace the idiotic fraud prone ideas like the allowing of non-signature matched ballots.

Fortunately national figures like Sen. Rand Paul have committed themselves to hitting this hard. And just this week the state board of elections in Georgia have opened an important investigation into Stacy Abrams’ voter organization. Without clean elections nothing else matters.

Hold Wrong-doing Accountable 

We’ve all had our fill of the opportunistic politician. But in places like New York and California the over extension of emergency powers led to a belief that some elected officials were the final say. Democrats thrive in spaces where their wrong doing is so taken for granted that they believe no one will dare speak up yet it’s amazing how a meteorologist like Janice Dean and a columnist like Karol Markowicz can, after a long steady stream of awareness raised, see breakthroughs that matter. But it shouldn’t just be for governors under extreme conditions. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should quake in her stilettos for turning Twitter into a witch hunt, Jen Psaki for having zero answers to legit questions, and Liz Cheney, Lisa Murkowski, and Mitt Romney for putting image above substance. One of the most damaging and destructive ideas in modern political life is that elected officials have been allowed to get away with making voters believe they answer to the official. Constitutionally it is exactly the opposite.

Fight to Advance Free Speech

That a handful of billionaire oligarchs have been able to unilaterally shut down all opposing political view points in the modern town square is an actual assault on the Constitution. They have engaged in deceptive, arbitrary, and overly hypocritical practices that is criminal. Gov. Ron DeSantis has introduced a legislative idea to levy fines of $100K per day to any platform doing so within his state’s boundaries. Ron Coleman, the brilliant intellectual rights attorney, is ready to argue the deceptive practices side of the Rule 230 debate in litigative action. People must begin to fight back. And an American First agenda has to include a fierce defense of free speech. As Rush Limbaugh has argued for years, when they attempt to drown out your voice, it is that moment that we must speak—even louder!

Challenge the Unconstitutional Takeover of the Border

The actual goal of the executive actions on border policy is to flip the border states once and for all. Turning Texas blue would accomplish a permanent Electoral College majority for the marxists. Illegal immigration and the federal government’s unwillingness to enforce border laws has taken Texas’ one-time 27 percent electoral advantage for the GOP (with President Reagan) to lose ground every election cycle since. Bush 43 garnered 24 percent, McCain 16 percent, Romney 12 percent, Trump nine percent and Trump five percent. Obama, Rice, and the other puppet masters know that President Empty Suits can advance the cause by forcing Texas to be overwhelmed. Fortunately, the Texas AG is fighting back in court, but this is clearly the goal, and a path to a permanent marxist America.

Be the Proud Problem Solvers

After pledging for two years on the campaign trail that he would solve the COVID pandemic, the newly minted president has more or less thrown his hands up into the air and claimed it’s too hard. He laid out the bold plan to have 100,000,000 doses distributed in 100 days. The problem was the plan Trump left behind was distributing them at a pace that would require only 66 days. The best the new team has mustered for new ideas has been to get the CDC to recommend two masks instead of one. Same with schools. The implied promise, open all schools in 100 days. The actual goal, open 50.01 percent of schools for one day per week in 100 days. The CBO estimates the executive actions have already wiped out close to 4.1 million jobs. The “America First” agenda blasted onto the scene creating jobs, the states with the most open schools are doing just fine, and Operation Warp Speed brought about two vaccines in less than a year. An “America First” agenda is a problem solving agenda from the beginning. It believes in the work ethic of the American people and it unleashed American exceptionalism. Embracing this helps everyone.

There is no need for a new American political party.

There is only the need to identify the decency of the American citizen, fight for her liberty and health, and never stop speaking up when God sanctioned freedoms are threatened or taken.

If we accomplish these five priorities, 2022 and 2024 can—and I pray do— have a very different outcome!

America First, no apologies!