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The Cheat In Plain Sight

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AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

It’s in the data. It was “certified.” It was “recounted.”

Independent data scientists who are able to spot much more complex data manipulation for clients—who have the most to lose (banks and financial institutions)—were able to easily contextualize and explain the proof from the data itself.


Proof of what?

Election cheating—the data proves it!

Justin Mealey, is a former electronic warfare specialist for the U.S. Navy and the CIA. David Lobue is a data scientist whose skills have been in demand across a wide variety of industries. This past week the two appeared before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on elections for the State of Georgia. 

Georgia is a state where Biden supposedly “won” by 12,000 votes. 

Yet in their simple—easy to understand—no conspiracy theories needed (though they might exist and explain some things) explanation—these data scientists proved inaccuracy in the certified results large enough to immediately cancel the “certification” and award the state to President Trump. 

In fact the data is so clear that they were able to flip the state in three counties without involving Fulton County.

They didn’t need any outside testimony, they didn’t have to make connections to foreign governments or dead people and they explained how the cheat held up under a canvass and low intensity recount.

They relied upon the data as certified by the Georgia Secretary of State (who should probably go to jail) and they drew their conclusions based on the logs as votes were tallied in real time. So save your breath if you think you’ve already got the answer to their conclusions because the original source material they drew upon is the certified numbers that the state allocated electors for. They are inaccurate. They do not represent the will of the state of Georgia. And they are definitive proof of an overwhelming win by Donald J. Trump—at least in Georgia. 


It’s all based on one simple idea. In Georgia’s tabulation process, President Trump repeatedly “lost votes.” Had them subtracted. Had them taken away.

Two observations for the uninitiated.

  1. Elections don’t work that way.
  2. The phenomenon did not occur for Biden.

In these three counties (screen grabs from Mealey and LoBue’s presentation) they document eight instances where Trump’s votes simply evaporated. They also document that in one instance alone the votes are added to Biden’s total. Oddly enough that “flip” alone is enough for Biden’s margin to be nullified. (In elections no vote tallies should dip under the line).

Without even digging into the absolute corruption and criminality of the Fulton County fiasco, which may take years to investigate, the hard data—right in front of your very eyes—proves Trump won Georgia. 

This particular set of scientists speculated he won by probably more than 200,000 votes. But they would need to study every other county in Georgia to confirm the margin.

It’s important to note that only a month ago merely one lone House Republican was willing to say he’d stand up to the cheating. 

After more and more evidence has been laid out in the open, and in cases like this using the data that the state itself falsely certified as accurate, now there are more than a dozen U.S. Senators and 10 times that many House members that are ready to take this fight to the people. 


Senator Cruz’s plea is to ask/grant a 10-day period for official forensic examination. 

My recommendation would be to get similar data analysts to simply match logs with state certifications. There should never be votes dropping. Find any places where they do and add them back in. 

Because again—oddly—Biden’s logs don’t record such decrements.

Find the data that show’s Trump’s votes being subtracted, add them back to his total and you will stop the cheat, in its tracks, in plain sight.

Where it’s been hiding all along!

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