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Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

Watching President Donald Trump campaign in Georgia Saturday night I was reminded of a few things. 

In hearing his slightly more subdued tone of voice you could detect the battle scars of the last four years. Years he literally gave to the nation, free of charge, donating his time, attention, problem solving and other skills to accomplish the single most successful first term presidency in American history.


It hit me all over again—here’s a man who had zero reason to do this. 

Unlike his opponent who found it necessary to run a grift selling access to his office as vice president, Donald Trump needed nothing on his first day in office. That financial and political independence gave him an advantage. He owed no interest group, lobbyist, or deep state plot any loyalty. It’s why he was a danger in 2016. And it’s why after having spent four years trying to destroy him, they produced nearly 2 million counterfeit, unverified, non-transparent votes in four to five cities and stole what by every other metric was the greatest re-election in the modern era.

I was also reminded of something else—the disturbing silence of re-elected Republicans.

For the past three weeks the DC professional class has had whispered conversations with each other about Giuliani’s hair dye, Sidney Powell’s spelling errors, and some publicly pondered the seriousness of some of the witnesses being presented.

You know what they weren’t whispering about?

The theft of freedom.

The credible reports of systems’ ability to be hacked.

The incredible coincidence of simultaneous shutdowns.

The videoed documentation of vote totals switching.

The bad behavior of fellow Republicans.

And the general sissification of their party.

It’s been pathetic to observe, stomach churning in its reality, and terrifying to our collective future.


The silence has been contemptible. 

Put simply, if you’re a Republican holding office after the 2020 election, you do so because of President Trump. He dragged most your otherwise unimpressive and unpopular carcasses across the finish line. He did so with the broadest coalition of voters any Republican has assembled, and he got you elected based on his record.

This last week, when videos surfaced of ballots secretly stored in a tabulation center, only to be taken out after poll workers and observers were sent home, every, Republican should have been burning up cell minutes and firing up landlines to assault the impotent governor and the criminally liable secretary of state in Georgia, expressing in strongest terms possible that a signature audit with complete transparency was the only acceptable response. 

What did you get from the newly elected and reflected class? <crickets>

Every Republican governor in the union and there are 30 of them should have gotten on the phone to the governor of Georgia to offer him some unsolicited advice. How many made a call? How many members of Congress, the United States Senate, and newly minted state assembly and state senators?

Stacy Abrams, Dominion Voting, the CCP, and plenty more have suffered zero. 

In fact Abrams has already registered over 1 million new mail in voters for the January run off. That’s about 20 percent of the total votes cast in the presidential race.


They are preparing to cheat again. They are doing it in front of you. They will do it again in front of you. And when they’ve been at it long enough they will do it to you!

But there he was standing on another tiny stage in the midst of an enormous rally fighting to help you keep America. 

In media reports over the past few days a number of people have thrown out names of “2024 Republican hopefuls.” 

If their hope is built on succeeding President Trump after his second term, that’s one thing. But if their hopes lie in hoping Biden doesn’t do too much damage and they can return the GOP to the “nice guy losers” club then they need to adjust said hopes.

The Georgia governor’s and secretary of state’s offices open Monday at 8 a.m. Here is Governor Kemp’s number: (404) 656-1776. Here is the secretary of state’s: (404) 656-2817.

Back to the rally. Last night once the president had Senators Perdue and Loffler come out on stage, they gave exceedingly short comments and sort of slinked off stage.

The crowd roared, “Fight For Trump!”

Tens of thousands, every skin color represented, they yelled it at the top of their lungs. 

They didn’t care about being liked by their neighbor at that moment. They didn’t care about the other side saying nice things about them. 

They have seen the cowardice of silence.

But they have also seen the resiliency of doing the right thing without pause.


He did everything in his power, physical strength, and sleepless nights down the stretch for America. The voters rewarded him with nearly 11 million more votes in 2020–from the most diverse corners of the electorate. 

And the man who couldn’t draw twelve flies to rotting fruit, couldn’t read his teleprompter, couldn’t keep truth and plagiarism separate, wouldn’t campaign and did zero oppositional media supposedly thrashed him in five cities known for abject corruption.

It never happened legally.

There is zero mandate for Biden.

But Republicans have to grow a spine and start focusing on out-thinking and out-working their opposition.

And the time to start is today!

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