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Clown Show 2016: Progress To Date

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Without question—it is a statement I’ve said repeatedly on-air, and one that comes out often in private conversations.


Look at the interest level. People who have never voted in primary elections are turning out by the thousands to see the consummate socialist at one end of the spectrum, and by the tens of thousands to see a man who brags how well he’s beat the system of free markets. I don’t expect most of these people to vote in the actual primary elections—because they probably won’t—but man is it fun to watch.

There’s the contrast of those side-by-sides as well. Bernie Sanders is literally incapable of getting his four grown men security force to remove two loud mouths from #BlackLivesMatters from his own stage—literally giving them his microphone while he stands off on the corner pondering the benefits of pastrami on rye. Meanwhile in camp Trump, all the big guy has to say is a whispered, “GO” and the brute force literally kicks the anchor for Univision out of the event—before letting him back in.

Donald took his airplane to an Alabama event, Hillary drove her truck to Iowa, Vice President Biden is motorcading his possible entry, and I think Scott Walker has ridden his Harley to a State Fair or two.

Debate one for the Republicans was the most watched event in cable news history, and while there was a bit of snark, most viewers thought it was a productive, well executed debate, and for my money the most substantive debate the GOP has ever actually been given in my lifetime. I mean not one question about birth control, legitimate rape, or just getting along.


Depending on who you asked there were also a lot of winners. The seventeen campaigns all issued victory press releases. The Fox News focus group overwhelmingly believed Gov. Mike Huckabee had won, The Drudge (vote as many times as you want to) poll showed Trump won it, and a lot of women were surprised to learn that the names Carly and Megyn also made a strong stand on the grounds of competency when it comes to elective politics. Contrast that with the woman running for the Democrats joking about snapchats that delete themselves, and how she might wipe something that was in a bathroom with “a cloth” and I’m pretty sure even independent women thought it was a good night for their sex.

When you try to summarize where we stand, one party is loaded with maybe the most competent class of people who have actually accomplished things in their pursuits—lots of Governors who took on unions and won, two Governors who created more jobs in each of their states than the rest of the nation did over the same course of time, and three Senators who basically led the take over of the Senate by being darlings of something called the Tea Party. And oddly—none of these people lead the race. The winner of the previous Iowa Caucus is so far back in the pack people forget he’s running, and the guy who won the most number of votes in the history of the Iowa Caucus has a far superior ground game in place than he did the year he won.


But it seems that almost none of this matters because the front runner continues to get mouthy, and take bigger leads. He insults women—for biological reasons, and zooms ahead. As a result the GOP look like desperate jokers because they are now trying to “force him” to sign a pledge of loyalty to the party.

I hate to tell you this guys, but if your front runner can’t be convinced that he needs to be loyal to your cause in order to defeat the other side, you’ve got much bigger problems than him.

It is a spectacle the likes of which we may never live through again. But it is a beautiful thing to behold.

If the future of all free civilization didn’t rest so much on it’s outcome.

Because in much greater seriousness, immigration is a top issue, but not any more so than national security, protecting the lives of the innocent pre-born, setting our economy on a path to stability, creating an economic reality where the entrepreneur class begins to create jobs, and we affirm the value of strong families.

Our crises are economic, terrorism, productivity, and liberty related. But the cause of all of them is a morality free existence that the progressive left has shoved down the throats of free people for the last two generations. All of which are now catching up to us.


Being a highly productive member of the talk radio world, this election is great for my job, at this point. But my heart aches for the depth of the real matters facing us, and how it’s all getting co-opted by one word names. (Trump, Hillary, Bernie, Jorge.)

And how deep am I into this column and I only now even mention the name, “Jeb?”

The Volkswagon is circling the center ring and out-steps, “the comb-over, the pant-suit, the communist, the establishment," and soon, "maybe the 'crazy Uncle.’”

But if this is the limits of what becomes of the vetting for our next public servant number one, I shudder to think the pain that still awaits us.


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