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The "Stephanopoulousing" of ABC News

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The last Clinton-era personality to be verbed had her last name associated with private acts deemed inappropriate when done with those one is not married to.

I guess George Stephanopoulous has at least
something going for him.

He has been verbed none-the-less though.

Forevermore when a broadcast journalist chooses not to reveal multiple conflicts of interest in a subject matter, story, or topic that he is covering it will now be known that he is "Stephanopoulising" his audience. I first used this term this week on my late night broadcast, and it became almost instantly recognizable for what it meant. Such a sad reality given how early we are in the election process for 2016. But what could be expected with someone named Clinton involved in the mix?

Unlike NBC's disgraced front man--Brian Williams--who just flat made up stuff--Stephanopoulous took us down an infamously nostalgic track--life with the Clintons in charge.

In doing so the Clintons have demonstrated the fourth connected dot necessary for the ruse of everything associated between the Clinton Foundation and the former Secretary of State's official time on duty.

To retrace: The Secretary Of State has an off books server--storing and stashing secret emails without any oversight from the Executive Branch. Frequently as Secretary of State apparent influence was used by way of incident or strategy to help foreign powers achieve favor on an array of desires in connection to the United States. Often once considerable gifts are given to the Foundation favorable outcomes occurred. Often the former President would even rack up a few million in pocket cash by making speeches in connection with some of these foreign powers. Lastly, the monies do not always appear to be spent on philanthropic causes but more often than not appear to be pacing a Clinton initiative of another design--perhaps a return to the White House.

When questions about this unseemly web are unveiled it appears the Clintons would require an attack dog in the media to lead the blowback against such.

Enter their former Press Secretary George Stephanopoulous.

After his attack-dog "interview" with the author of CLINTON CASH it is revealed that he in fact is a donor to the Clinton Foundation, has given the Foundation 100% positive coverage in his duration at ABC News, and does regular softball interviews with the former President.

When confronted with the facts he first admits he had given "some" donations to the Foundation, then admits it was $25,000, then $50,000, then $75,000. No one is sure if that is the final answer--but it's definitively proof that he had no neutral position on the topic being discussed when discussing CLINTON CASH.

Simultaneous to George's self Stephanopoulising, a move was already afoot in Congress by way of a letter being circulated looking for Congressional signatures that will be sent to the head of the IRS. The purpose of the letter is to demand that the Clinton Foundation have its 501c3 status stripped. The amount of funds NOT ending up in the philanthropic work claimed, along with the suspected use of foreign dollars that are likely to fuel a presidential election run are reasons enough for far more questions to be asked. Stripping the foundation of it's status would at minimum require more accountability. Calling your congressional representative would be an effective way to express support for this.

By far the most reprehensible chapter in this drama is the fact that ABC News appears to be yawning at the appalling lack of journalistic integrity being exhibited.

No doubt they feel as though they can survive it because the author can be "marginalized" as "conservative."

But the bare bones truth is one of their primary news anchors conducted a heavily partisan attack against an interview subject, while covering up (not disclosing) his multiple conflicts of interest.

It took NBC some time to digest the degree of the problems the Brian Williams fictionalized news existed. But in the age of YouTube, we have Stephanopoulous in digital glory attacking the people he is opposing while his friends are aspiring to get back to the White House. If this is done in a private campaign commercial, that's fine. But this was passed off as straight up news.

We can not wait until the next election to begin taking America back for the cause of what's true, just, and good.

That begins with each of us daily--starting yesterday.

Three things need to occur in the next couple of weeks: Strip the Clinton Foundation of it's 501c3. Chastise ABC News for approving of it's brand of yellow journalism. And George Stephanopoulous needs to be relieved of any and all responsibilities he may have as it relates to any form of news reporting or anchoring.

Strip the Foundation. Chastise ABC. Fire Stephanopoulous.

Pretty simple...

Any questions?

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