Is Our Commander, Covert Or Criminal?

Posted: Feb 16, 2014 12:01 AM
Is Our Commander, Covert Or Criminal?

On January 1 an agreement between the United States and our most hostile enemy went into effect. This agreement was secretly negotiated at secret meetings by a secret Presidential trip, and a secretive Secretary of State.

This super secret agreement we were told would bring peace in our time.

We were told that it would hold Iran accountable, and cause them to roll back, or at least halt current uranium enrichment necessary for nuclear weapons.

We were told that the world would be safer because this agreement came about. And we were told it represented the national security interests of the United States of America.

We were told this by the administration's mouthpieces, and even the President himself.

The only problem however is that there is now no way for "We The People" to know if our employee, one Barack Hussein Obama, is telling the truth.

And in our representative republic there is no way for our representatives--even ones legally empowered to watch foreign affairs and national security specifically--to be able to know.


Because the President has the text of the agreement--an agreement we are told is unclassified--being squirrelled away--and is off limits.

Now I recognize the need to keep certain details from becoming public--at times. But this is an agreement where we are required to "unfreeze" billions of dollars in Iranian assets in exchange for Iran promising with a pinky-swear that they might decide to someday, possibly, if they felt like it, maybe, halt enriching uranium... For a day... And then back to normal.

Every foreign policy expert I've discussed this deal with, left or right, has said that not knowing the details of the deal is highly problematic, because without them there is no way that Congress can seek to hold Iran accountable to the deal. (Almost identical to having to pass the healthcare reform bill to then be allowed to read it.)

And get this: technically all members of Congress have the security clearance level to be allowed to read the deal (it's marked "unclassified") yet in true progressive form the KGB-like administration is allowing only members of Congress with "very high" clearance to be allowed to see it.

Meaning: the House committee on Foreign Affairs is even left out.

One Congresswoman from Florida, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, has written a public letter demanding access to the text of the arrangement.

Couple the gestapo-like super-secret handling of this "deal" with the all out lawless rewriting of entire sections of the Affordable Care Act, and the President's blatant threat in the State of the Union that he would use his executive order powers in ways few ever have, and President "Pen and Phone" has consistently been the least transparent President of our lifetime. After promising he would be the exact opposite.

But there is greater concern here than merely an abusive executive branch. Namely it is Iran.

For while the President came back in the best suit borrowed from Neville Chamberlain's corpse, smiling, waving, and claiming a breakthrough with the world's chief exporter of terror. The world's chief exporter of terror was laughing profusely at what we were all told the agreement meant.

It became really clear that Iran did not interpret the "deal" anywhere the same as President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry did.

(Which--as an aside--probably also now explains Benghazi. For if you believe that you have an agreement to stop enriching uranium but without any accountability you give them billions of dollars from frozen assets, then it make perfect sense to say that a spontaneous uprising killed your ambassador all while knowing that a terror attack was the actual culprit.)

Iran has threatened the existence of our most important ally -- Israel.

Iran has threatened to attack our very nation.

And one thing that history has pretty much proven throughout the ages has been that when crazy mullahs promise to kill you--they fully intend to keep their word.

President Obama agrees to something while working on our behalf without so much as consulting those who represent us? Afterwards he expects the powers in Congress that sheriff foreign affairs to enforce an agreement that he is not allowing them to see?

And when does the President "allow" Congress anything? He's not a dictator and this isn't a police state is it? (You know aside from the wide spread spying on the press and the people and then turning around to take revenge out on its perceived threats domestically.)

We-The-People should be the one to get to know the basic details of what the Iranian agreement entails. At a very minimum our bipartisan members on the House subcommittee on Foreign Affairs overseeing all dealings with the Middle East and Northern Africa should be allowed to peruse it.

Not doing so merely means that the President is hiding something.

So is it covert? Or criminal?

Whatever that answer is for us we just gave--the leading exporter of terror on the planet--billion's of dollars. And every suicide bomber they fund going forward will have President Obama's super secret agreement to thank.

Meanwhile in Tehran... they just laugh.

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